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Do your parents know you go onto Poniverse?

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Do your parents know you go onto Poniverse?  

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  1. 1. Do your parents know you go onto Poniverse?

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I guess my parents know? They saw me on it a couple years ago when I was more active, but they've never really cared that much about it. They're fine with my brony ways. :P They've even got me pony stuff for Christmas and such.

5 minutes ago, Venomous said:

My parents are aware of it and completely discourage it. They believe that I will fall into a trap of meeting someone dangerous. I'm 23 years old.


I don't know, but I think a name like "Venomous" would scare any potential creeps away. ;)

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They don't know about it since it's not an important thing to tell them about. I don't talk much about the websites I visit in the first place so I don't see it as necessary at all.

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Yes, but it was completely by accident. My mom came over once and she used my laptop and noticed that both MLP Forums and FimFiction.net were open... I remember hearing from the other room “What the HELL is this??” And kept scrolling through both the forums and fimfiction. I mean she had known that I liked it as a little girl but I guess she was shocked to see that I carried it on with me all the way to college. 

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Nah, I mean, it's not like I need to tell them everything nor would they care.

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On 6/19/2018 at 3:48 AM, Sondash Studios said:

My parents still don't know I go onto Poniverse yet.

But my brother knows... which is bad.

Why is that bad?

4 hours ago, Kevin_Tang said:

My brother knows that I watched and liked the show :( that's quite disturbing for me.

But my parents don't know anything about my interest to the show and MLP forums. I will never tell them.

What's the matter with that, tho? Your bro is your  bro

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