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General Media What kind of art are you most interested in?


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I like all kind of visual and creative arts, mostly i enjoy calm visual work of abstract nature with clear coloring contrast as it really pleases my eye. Though i have lot of respect of all art as creating something is pretty tough.

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I like odd, abstract, surrealism, dark (humor), tragic,  and random kind of art. Basically anything that speaks the kind of person I am. 

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I like all kinds of pieces of art, being it video installation, sculpture, painting or something else. As Valtasar said above "any kind if it's done well" ^_^ "Good" or "well made" are of course subjective terms, but for me "good art" means something that requires both skill and creativity, is cabable to appeal one's emotions and is more or less unique. I have some issues with abstract paintings for reasons listed earlier. I like works of, let's say for example Jackson Pollock, but some of his paintings are just paint splashes on canvas. Literally anybody could do something similar, being it five year old child or elephant. Techique like his was revolutionary at his time, but nowadays it's done to death and copying it is just lazy unless artist is able to bring something new to it. Often they aren't...

Classical art demand more from their makers and that's maybe one reason I have always prefferred it over more 'forgiving' artforms. Trends come and go but classics are always in.

 Techniques I have always loved are lithography and graphic art. Reciprocally, I have always hated naïve/primitive art, it's just an excuse of being poor painter :eww: Of course that just my opinion and there are many exceptions to it. For instance Maria Primachenko's art is quite delightful

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