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My OC needs a more fitting name...

Lunar Glow

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Hey all, Lunar Glow here...

First sentence in and you have my dilemma. 

Dont get me wrong, I love the name Lunar Glow, but ut just doesn’t fit my OC’s personality or looks: 


She is a very musical pony and her special talent is, in fact, music.

Her cutie mark:


Any suggestions?

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Well, a lot of OC's names are based on their personality, not just on what hobbies they have. Vinyl Scratch and Octavia are two great examples. They're both into music, but Vinyl Scratch is more fiery and upbeat, and Octavia is more elegant and orchestral.

I'm bad at names, but... eh, if I had to name her, I'd probably call her "Keynote". Simple and intelligent.

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