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Ummmmm. heh heh... errrr...

*sweats nervously*

Ummmmmm... i-if anyone should see any... *gulp* p-p-parasprites... just act normal.

DO NOT spook them!

It would be... uhhhh, 'highly reccommended' that we gather up all the parasprites we can find, and list them HERE; that way, we can try to corral the little pains, and escort them all out of the forums at once.


... and I have NO idea how they got here...


... best of luck!

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AAAAH!! PARASPRITES!! Infesting my profile!! Raritysmileyshock.png

Oh! Uhh... I mean to say... nice parasprites... please don't eat my page... please! :lie:

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You're... you're not going to take them from us, are you? Surely not - I mean, I... I only just got to know them! See, I named this one Unity, and this one Trinity, and this one Quadrinity, and this one Fraternity and that one I called Almond Kappa VII, because he reminds me of you, and - well, the list just goes on! They're lovely little folks, and such pleasant company at my casual tea get-togethers, and - can't I keep them? Pretty pretty please, meesta Randimaxis sir? post-25189-0-69868400-1412626527.png

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.................... Oh! You mean the little flying treats I made some millennia ago? Yeah, their edible you know. Sure, might've evolved since then to DO the eating but regardless. ...You wanted a list...?

 That ones Barnk, and over there is Kush & following them is Kooshles, Tinkzer, Fartknocker, Harnk, Heurgh, Bleurgh, Teef, Dershowitz, Hearnk, Blackandyellow, Yellowandblack, Noneoftheabove, Neitherbeloe, Tink, Flink, Plink, Stink, Dink, Ink, Gink, Grink, Hink, Pink, (no, not the pink colored one...) Bink, Fink, Zink, Zinc, Zinq, Zeenk, Zeenc, Zeenq, Dingus, Bingus, Flingus, Barthalamew Quentin Affenbough Esquire the Third, PhD, (what, no. Barth was the previous four names. PhD is a different parasprite. ...which also has a doctorate.) Hriigh, Fewh, Hichibana, Hork, Mindy, Teedles, Doorp, HEEEEeEeeEEEEEAAAaAaAaAGH, Tooters, Halfaskullthatwasnthistobeginwith, Suzy, Suzi, Suziwithawhy, Suziwithay, Suzywithyoureyeball, Cascadia Farms, Buttbump, Dump, Fizer, Crink, WassamattaU, Popsacoddles Doot, Doot, Toot, Boop, Notheotherone, Nothatone, Theotherone, Youpassedit, Nogoback, Youmissedit, Aboutthreeback, Ahforgetit, Barf, Toodles McGee, Boopers McGee, Geeper McGee, McGee, Dontforgetthisnameortheworldwillend, Imeanit, Thatlastone, Wasntajoke, Honest, Notkidding, Sendhelp, Bob, Franklin, Deeb, Maub, Jimmy, Toomuch, Timeon, Myhands, Duality, Singularity, Triple Scoop, Dorp, Twilight, Sparkle, (ironically enough, never met her.) Cactus McCoy, Zim, Teeker, Farfle, Nogales,  Autocorrect, This, That, 6, Six, There, Booooooooooooop, Widdershins, (named after me, of course!) Namedafterme, Ofcourse, Feeber, Ferber, Fibber, Geezer, Geyser, Gozer, (lost that one for a while...) Chonk, Greeley,Greeblesnik, Harfabarp, Burmsly, Hackintosh, Tandy, Whiz, Viga, Carpathian, Heebus, Chingabaddaboonga, Bap, Teega, Narf, Punctillous, Scrabble, Wordscore, A, Ai, Aigh, Ay, Ayy, Aie, Beeble, Hitler, Hopscotch, Butterscotch, Scotchtape, Bottleofscotch, Teeter, Needer, Bibb, Bobb, Garfunkle, Totally, Notspamming, Thated, Require, Repition, Allowiscius, Teager, Snowflake, Hoopa, Hoobastank, Pumpkins, Pumpkin, 🎃, Anactualpictureofapumpkin, and an actual picture of a pumpkin.

 ....don't know how that got in there! Oh hey, look! Another cloud of parasprites is coming!

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