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@An Admirer

Due to the fact that this involves books and stories, this has been moved to Media Discussion. I can see why you didn't put it there at first, though; books aren't talked about too much in Media. :please: Regardless, threads regarding books and storytelling belong in Media Discussion section.

Thank you for your understanding, an happy posting! :grin:


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Ooo, gotta be dystopian fiction for me. Of course I’ll read a several different generes happily, but it seems that dystopian novels are a mix of several genres at once; survival, action and adventure, (sometimes) romance, thriller, horror, drama, mystery...of course this isn’t always consistently the case, but from what I’ve read dystopian literature has been something of a mixed bag for me. :wub:

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I like to read the alternate history or future ones where some big apocalypse happens and it plunges the world into a wasteland filled with corrupt people and places, it's pretty interesting to me at least ^_^

Though I also like to read a good ol' classic book now and again, such as A Wrinkle in Time, The Great Gatsby, and To Kill a Mocking Bird, all of which I highly recommend reading of you haven't! :D     

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I have always loved mystery and dark fantasy the best. When I was a kid, there was nothing that thrilled me more thinking about who the culprit would be in a mystery tale while keeping track of all the clues and making my guesses. Dark fantasy really appealed to me as I got older, because that's just what I grew to like to do. Imagine really messed up stuff and marvel at how so many other artists and writers enjoyed doing the same. :nom:

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