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Lord Valtasar

The Prophecy

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Daring Do discovers the lost land of the Alicorns(my rendition of it at least)

Daring came across an Ancient Civilization that once thrived with Alicorns however something must have happened to wipe them out from this time in history. As she ventured deep within the ruins she came across an old temple,going inside her heart ached seeing it engulfed by decay and rot,but it was also exhilirating,thats what she lives for.As she ventured deeper she reached a heavy old door,trying to push it open she struggled to move it at first,but eventually it succumbed to her strenghth and the door flew wide open,landing with a thud, Daring scrambled up brushing the dirt off her with her wings,as she scanned the room,she noticed its in a surprisingly good state,there was an old book case with some scrolls still intact on its shelves.Picking one up at random she unraveled it and started reading...


as she read the first scroll she frowned,at first glance it seemed like a poem,but as she progressed it looked more like a prophecy

we are immortal,or so we think
but our race faces certain doom
a wizard with great promise we'll make king
and crown him in this very room

but for his arrogance we will all sink
to endless time's depths in a loop
and he'll imprison us and horrors bring
for his intentions differ from what they look

this fate shivers up my mane
for its much worse than timely death
we'll suffer in this cycle anew again
and never draw our final breath

so hear me now and listen well
for we must put trust in two foals
sent them away far from this hell
and hope they don't forget their goals

one will be born under sun's sign
and will inherit all its power
the other is her sister and don't sigh
for the moon she will raise and lower

their quest will be to find the six spoked star
and raise it delicately with care
for she's the one to heal time's own scar
doing so freeing every colt and mare

to know her look for the birth of a dragon
under a rainbow blazing in the sky
a unicorn she'll be and i can not fathom
how she'll achieve it so i won't even try

the star that gleams is her adversary
but she will teach her in time's ways
in finding friends she needs some comentary
and a student thus she gains

but on her own she'll never find us
so she must find the sacred tree
to gain the map to where he binds us
and come to finaly set us free

                                 "Lighttsong the Royal Seer"

many thanks to @RaphLuna for the original prologue that inpired this all
and to @ChB since his Zacora Cider competition made me discover i could actually rhyme


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