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Lord Valtasar

Slice of Life a different kind of introduction

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like Applejack in a farm i'm Raised
on the hills near a small town
it has cold winters celestia be praised
for i loved snow as i've grown

my hobbies start with nice long reads
i'm a bit like twilight sparkle
just before her friends she seeks
a bit closed,not quick to chuckle

which brings me to my other trait
like fluttershy i'm very shy
my similarities end there,not great
for its plain i cannot fly

like Rarity my greatest passion
is in Art,i like to draw
though i'm not well versed in fashion
and i always look quite raw

so if you are like Pinkie pie
always looking for new friends
don't hold back,just come say Hi
lets form a bond that never ends

as for you Rainbow Dash,i'm sorry
you're too awesome to compare
i couldn't fit you in my story
but i wrote this verse,so there

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Just now, introvertjournalist said:

 I really love this, it's very beautiful. 

thank you (:

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