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Open Renewal of an Age

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The Gala was in full swing. Carriages trundled down the street by the dozen, quickly emptying themselves of passengers before leaving just as quick as the arrived. Ponies, Diamond Dogs, Griffons, Minotaur, Deer, and even a young Dragon or two could be seen spread throughout the palace. Garden parties were lively - food provided, of course. Countless rooms inside Canterlot Castle had been cleared and redecorated to host the largest incarnation of the largest party ever.

No longer was it a networking event for nobles and the influential. Now, it was a true representation of Equestria's unity. All classes and all species were welcome; if you could find your way there, and there was room inside, you were welcome. Naturally, many were waiting outside the gates for entrance. Others, those with invitations, were free to proceed inside. Guards, of course, patrolled the halls, fields, and gardens to prevent troublemakers; more than a few were kicked out for disturbing the peace.

In front of the palace gates, Princess Celestia stood, happily greeting every newcomer who cared to attend. After all, this was the only chance some ponies had to see their ruler.

Yet another carriage opened up, depositing its passengers of three ponies and a Diamond Dog in front of the palace gates. None spared them a glance; no longer were Diamond Dogs an unwelcome sight, not with the new treaties between the Gemmed Plateaus and Equestria.

This group was special, though, and the Guards new it. They were some of the few who had received invitations to the Gala and were allowed to enter without any waiting. Each was special in their own right and invited to this party via a personal invitation from the Princesses of Equestria.

Alex Van Gamer, a Diamond Dog from the Roving Packs. Unlike her brethren, she did not enjoy stealing nor slavery; instead, she sought to better herself.

Blue Thorn, an Equestrian Earth Pony, an example of Equestrian desire to find peaceful solutions to all problems.

Winter Bolt, a Pegasus Manehattanite, showing the cheerful nature of Equestria's citizens.

Finally, Strong Copper, a Canterlot native, representing the willingness of a pony to defend others.

All four were chosen to help represent Equestria to the other nations present, each showing

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