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Rollercoaster of Friendship


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the shipping- OH MY GOD THE SHIPPING. I'VE BEEN SCREAMING FOR HOURS AFTER WATCHING ROLLERCOASTER OF FRIENDSHIP. i'm a heavy rarijack shipper SO ALL THEIR RARIJACK MOMENTS IN THE MOVIE MADE ME SQUEAL OH MY GOD. I'm also glad rarity and applejack finally got some attention, they deserve it. also the little flutterdash and sciset moments also left me squealing, but not as much as the rarijack. There were multiple moments where i just cracked up, but that white room thing was ridiculous. i mean, at least have them ACTUALLY be trapped in the phone for it to be more interesting, but that would just be Mirror magic all over again. Vignette i think was a TERRIBLE villain probably because her lack of motivation. the best parts were THE SHIPPING (OBVIOUSLY) and the funny parts, like twilight and sunset getting all frustrated over that game :laugh:. also rarity's lightning thing was EPIC. she's such a badass :proud:

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more human pony content :) 

"This is my best friend drama-shy. You'll love her!"



"Neighsayers gotta neigh." :D . 


"You're super in character right now Fluttershy. I wish I was, but here I am out of character being scared of fast roller coasters." :P 



"Can't I at least use my hands?"



Pinkie Pie the smile inspector. This reminds me of the Pinkie Smile propaganda posters


"The 5G conspiracy theories are true!"



pleated cargo skort :D 


"Sorry for saying that Vignette Valencia is a fake. I'll just go and abandon my other friends to their fates now." 



Pony is self aware D:



Dashie's face is my face contemplating the laziness of this villain :s



"So you're saying you don't want to sacrifice a crowd of people just so you can have a fashion parade?"


Adagio becoming a rodeo horse was not what I envisaged for the character :P



Be yourself but with weird accessories. Left to right: Sparkle-casual. Flutterbat. LibRarian, Sunset Queen and Rainbow Gal,



BYBB Magic of friendship is not a garish Rainbow it's a fabulous magical-whip phone destroying railgun.


Followers < Friends?  


"Why are they clapping? Do they even know how close they came to death?" Flutters also seems to be done with this short rn 


"Alas, poor Applrick, I knew him well."


D'awww. Also the last song is sweet :3




I had seen this short before - it has its moments like all these shorts, but is lacking the sparkle that FiM has for me in general. Still, was fun teasing it :3


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Ok plot, but Vignette Valencia is the worst of the Equestria Girl villains. The way that she talks in over the top abbreviations is really annoying, plus it will date this series very badly in time. She doesn't feel like a threat since people can easily leave the room that she teleports them to.

Twilight and Sunset losing over and over again at the ring game was funny.

I'd give this a 6 out of 10.

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I enjoyed the humor, and the villain was fine as well, it was just a bit anticlimatic when it was revealed that all this time they all had been teleported into a room...okay?

I mean it was a fine special, mostly because of its humor.

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