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What is your thoughts on each finalee?


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Season 1 : The episode was was to hyped up too much throuout the 1st season and the episode its self was quite boring and dissapointing.

Season 2 : Much better then the 1st season finalee, this one had an epic battle and it had a great ending. The only bad thing is that RD betrayed Twilight, she should of lost the element of generosity for that.

Season 3 : Had too many unneeded songs and the songs made the episode boring. The only dongs they needed was 'Here comes Princess Twilight' and Celestia's song.

Season 4 : Epic and was exciting. Discord should of been turned back to stone when he betrayed Equestria tho.

Season 5 : Starlight Glimer's reason for doing what she did was a dumb reason. But the episode its self was quite cool.

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i watched the whole show at once so they didn't have as much impact on me as on most.
Spoiler allert! (obviously...)
s1: the "at the gala" song was really memorable so props for that
s2:introduced one of the greatest vilains and a great episode overal
s3:the big reveal was spoiled for me so.. yeah..
s4:it tried too hard,also i miss Twilights old house :(
s5:i really liked this one,medling with time is always awesome
s6:i liked how it gave secondary characters some love too,but i loved the old changlings more
s7:meh,i think the legends should have stayed just that,legends

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Season 1: Great episode, but terrible finale! They coulda made Return of Harmony as the finale!

Season 2: Totally unexpecting to see an epic royal wedding episode like this in a "little kid's" show! This episode gave me much hope for the show!

Season 3: Woulda worked better as a 2-parter because episode felt rushed and I was left wanting more in that short season! 

Season 4: Best finale! Awesome villain and awesome plot twists! 

Season 5: Loved the different timelines, and Starlight reforming didn't bother me! But Spike coulda did more than just be there. If he wasn't there it wouldn've changed a thing.

Season 6: Really enjoyed Starlight and her team in a Suicide Squad sorta way! The former villains get to be the heroes for once!

Season 7: Tied for the best finale along side season 4's cause of the return of the legends and each main character having to do something! However, it mighta been better if the legends disappeared again in the finale. Legends aren't supposed to STAY in the present.

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Season 1: I consider this the weakest of the Season Finales.  And like with most, Return of Harmony would have made a better finale

Season 2: A step up, especially with the reveal of Queen Chrysalis

Season 3: Wished this was a 2 parter.  But overall, better than Season 1's Finale.

Season 4: My favorite episode of the series so far.  The addition of Tirek and the epic fight that went through are my highlights for the two-parter.

Season 5: A Bit of a step down from Season 4.  But the different timelines and the result of Starlight's actions are what kept me on board.

Season 6: A step up from the last one, but still down from 4.  I actually enjoyed the change in the status quo.

Season 7: Still nowhere near as great as Season 4's.  But it finally showcased what happens when everyone gets involved, and it felt like a nod to the Legend of Zelda.

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Season 1: Contender for my favourite episode. It's filled with several of my favourite moments of the show, and I feel that it does a really good job of capping off all the stuff that season 1 set up without seeming too over-the-top. 

Season 2: I think Twilight's annoying in the first half, so I don't really have much fun with this one until the action stuff in the second half, which I like a lot. "This Day Aria" is a contender for my favourite song in the show. 

Season 3: Don't like this at all. 

Season 4: It's a bit too serious for my current tastes, but I still think this one has some nice spectacle, and I continue to appreciate the increase in darkness and intensity over prior episodes. I do still love this one, but increasingly that's because of what Twilight's going through, and how she discovers that becoming a princess doesn't mean she needs to change. 

Season 5: I wish we got more of all of those futures, and I think the idea that Twilight & co. are the only things keeping Equestria safe is kinda ridiculous, but Starlight's pretty consistently funny, I like her backstory, and I liked seeing Twilight teaching at the start. 

Season 6: I think this is a lot of fun, because the four main characters in it are all funny and/or adorable. (Discord isn't very cute.) I like how it focuses on character interactions instead of some overblown "epic" storyline.

Season 7: This one has its moments but I'm not very interested in most of the story, which I think is one-sided and sort of bland. I wish the second half, which is the only part that matters, involved the mane six more, and I wish the first half weren't essentially useless. The reasons people give for loving this one confuse me. 

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Season 1: While I feel it wasn't exactly finale material, it was quite a sweet, fun story the girls shared. I enjoyed it as a regular episode, but a bit of a disappointment for a finale. Can't criticize too much, though; after all, it was the first season.

Season 2: Quite possibly my favorite finale. Due to this, 'fraid I'll have to keep it at that. Otherwise I'll delve into a boringly lengthy description about the love I feel for this two-parter. :wub::blush:

Season 3: Seemed very rushed; the problem came as fast as the solution. I think it was a mistake to make such an incredible major development in the show and not making it at least a two-parter. It's like the concept of Twilight becoming a Princess was just so overwhelming and overbearing to the writers they couldn't think of anything better to put in the episode. Not on board with Twilicorn, either...don't think I ever will. (I know, I know, I should be over it by now.) Although I will say that the music was exceptional, each a hit. An emotional episode that actually made me cry at the time, so, yes, it succeeded in the emotional factor. It had so much potential, so I suppose my main problem with this finale is simply the potential wasted.

Season 4: Mm. Entertaining. Cool storyline. I'm pretty much impartial. 

Season 5: Always a fan of the concept of past/present/future altering and time jumping, very cool to see this concept in MLP. I loved seeing alternate versions of the characters and was just an overall well-developed and well-paced episode. 

Season 6: Awful. Not a fan of Starlight Glimmer anyway, and the concept just didn't grab me. It seemed scattered and not presented well. The storyline was bland and so were the characters. Not to upset anyone, though.

Season 7: I thought that the finales could get any worse after what Season 6 pulled, but I was wrong. The worst out of all finales. Basically everything wrong with this finale as it were in the S6 one, only multiplied. Don't want to go on a rant about it, so I'll just leave you at that.


Overall? Pretty great finales as a whole. :)

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S1. The Best Night Ever.- Great episode and moral. In my opinion this is the best season arc finisher, all the hype built for the GGG is masterfully climaxed showing the mane 6's experiences at the party and it grounds their friendship as a truly 6-way best friendship.

S2. A Canterlot Wedding.- Amazing Twilight, introduction of one of the best villains and a great new species. A bit repetitive in its Deus Ex Machina solution, but a nice turn of events leaving the EoH out of it. One of the best songs in FiM and a joyful conclusion.

S3. Magical Mystery Cure.- Nice musical episode, intriguing, yet kind of nonsensical, plot. Great reveal, Celestial Acknowledgement and fulfilling ending.

S4. Twilight's Kingdom.- Good work with Twilight's wonderings and doubts about her role as a princess. Great Discord, entertaining plot, not a big fan of the battle, but it was ok. Mediocre main villain and amazing use of the usual Deus Ex Machina finishing the keys arc.

S5. The Cutie Re-Mark.- Best villain comes back. One on one unicorn vs alicorn. Amazing use of the butterfly effect in the plot and in Starlight's motivation. Crucial moment for Twilight at the climax, giving Starlight the chance of friendship. Best finale yet.

S6. To Where and Back Again.- Amazing assemble of characters, Starlight's big leader moment. Return of Chrysalis and the changeling hive. Discord and Trixie at their best. Not a fan of the multicolored bug-deers.

S7. Shadow Play.- Great dynamic with a huge cast. Twilight and Starlight carried the plot really well. The mane 6 and pillars as a nice support. Underwhelming villain with a great lesson.

Finales have not disappointed me yet and I hope they won't do it.

Here's for a great S8 finale! :yay:

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Best Night Ever - The whole season was leading up to this event and was worth it. Really fun episode with one of the best songs in the show. Honestly wish we'd get more finales like this, no supervillain, end of the world bullshit, just a nice party

Canterlot Wedding - A fun finale but has aged over time. Cadance and Shining Armor weren't that interesting for their first appearance, Chrysalis was a great villain though

Magical Mystery Cure - Kind of a dud, though I still like it. Really rushed and making it a musical I feel ended up hurting it. That said I didn't mind Twilight's ascension. Episode was a victim of poor development though, which Larson himself admits. It'd be a much better episode had it got through better production and been a two parter like he wanted

Twilight's Kingdom - Cool but overhyped. People only like it because the fight scene but it's honestly kind of shit. Tirek is a cool villain though. Also don't like the castle, it sticks out like a sore thumb

Cutie Remark - Hate it, spends too much time the alternate timelines that try way too hard to be dark and edgy and Starlight's redemption is still garbage

To Where and Back Again - Hate it more. Starlight does fuck all throughout the season other than mind control the mane 6, then gets an undeserved finale that pretty much requires fucking over every major character just to shill her. It also feels like it exists just to cockride the Suicide Squad hype train(which is even worse when considering that movie was awful). Also fuck the changedlings

Shadow Play - What the S6 finale should have been. Starlight has a ton to do throughout the season so her role in this feels much more fulfilled. She's one of the main characters in the finale but everyone still gets plenty to do. Pillars are great and thanks to having prior episodes dedicated to them feel like fully fleshed out characters. POS though is a POS, one of of the show's weakest villains unfortunately

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1: A fun episode, but it's not the epic finale a lot of the other season enders are.  It got a lot of build up throughout the season, which is a big plus, since they don't have to waste time with exposition.  

2: This lacked that kind of buildup S1 had, and it really held back the episodes.  On the other hand, Chrysalis was great for what little undisguised screentime she got, and even as Cadance she was a lot more menacing than a pink pony princess has any right to be.  This episode also has the "This Day Aria" which is extraordinary.  Shining and Cadance didn't get much development, but I really like the concept behind their characters.

3: This needed to be a two parter, and it shares the problem with S2 of too little foreshadowing.  At least we had Cadance to indicate other alicorns were possible, and some vague hints from the opening, but overall I think this is the weakest of the finales.  Still, it's nice to see a TV show willing to totally upend the status quo once in a while.

4: In terms of the overarching story, this is what S3 should've been.  This shows the benefit to having the whole season leading up to one moment.  Episodic stories have a tendency to ignore everything in the setting that's not the heroes and the villain of the week, so bringing Discord into the story really makes the world seem more consistent.  The Twilight/Tirek fight was just a fun action scene that this show only rarely gets to play with.  Easily my favorite of the finales and one of the best episodes of the series.

5: Starlight is a good villain, even if her motivation is ultimately rather weak.  Seeing all the little details in the evil timelines really shows how much effort the writers put into developing the worlds, especially the Sombra one.  Only downside is no Trixie future.

6: Discord said it best "Well isn't this quite the collection of secondary characters!"  Their little dysfunctional team is a refreshing change of pace from the Mane 6, and they even get to grow a bit as characters from it all.  I preferred the old changelings, but having Chrysalis reject mercy was a brilliant writing decision.

7: The various past characters could've used a bit more foreshadowing, but overall, this could've been a lot worse.  I didn't particularly care for the Pillars, or the backstory of the Tree, but the main conflict between Starlight and Twilight was decent.  Not bad, but not great either.

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Season 1 finale: Funny.

Season 2 finale: It was okay.

Season 3 finale: A bit rushed.

Season 4 finale: Twilight vs. Tirek was good.

Season 5 finale: Song was kind of out of place, now that I think about it.

Season 6 finale: Could have been better.

Season 7 finale: Makes up for Season 6.


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The Best Night Ever: Was properly hyped up and executed competently. It doesn't hold up the best for me, but still has plenty of charm and great character development overall. It might lack what made the others feel epic, but it still has a lot of heart in it.

A Canterlot Wedding: The first finale that literally made be go 'WOW!' I mean we had a threatening villain who was also fun, if a bit too egocentric, and the whole premise was enjoyable. Admittedly some things don't hold up as well as they used to, but it's still a good, enjoyable episode.

Magical Mystery Cue: This one feels too short for what they wanted to do, but overall I liked it. The songs were nice, with "A True Tue Friend" still being amongst the series' best, and the animation was amongst the best at the time. Twilight's ascension actually still feels emotional; even if the execution afterwards hasn't been that great. Still; great episode!

Twilight's Kingdom: Flawed, but OH MY GOD this one was so much fun! The epic Tirek/Twilight battle aside the villain was actually kinda creepy & clever at the start, and while that was lost once he built his power up, he was still a memorable villain. The ending actually left me on a tear-jerker as the song hit the right meaning for me. Admittedly the princesses probably did  a dumb move, but you know what? Still a fun, memorable ep.

The Cutie Re-Mark: I know this one received plenty of hate and/or criticism, but this is actually one of my favorites. Starlight was a GREAT villain, and I never really had an issue with the motivation. Visiting the various alternate futures proved a fun ride (SOMBRA!!!!!) and the battle between Twilight and Starlight was a treat to watch. That final future and Starlight's acceptance into the group really hit me in the heart. Does it have problems? Yeah, but dammit, I love this one still.

To Where and Back Again: This one was my favorite episode for a time. I loved how they gave the spotlight to secondary characters, and how the resolution came about. Scenes like Trixie's sacrifice, Discord's naivete, Discord's sudden turn after learning what happened to Fluttershy, Starlight's dream sequence, and others really left a mark. And the reformed changelings? Love them. :D

Shadow Play: This episode dethroned the previous one as my favorite for a multitude of reasons. Amongst those was competent use of at least 15 characters, great callbacks to previous episodes, probably the best background for a villain on the show (not counting comics), we finally got to see Star Swirl AND Meadowbrook (who was mentioned in season 5 premier), the lore took center stage in some fashion, the intro had a real mystical quality to it, and...I just love it. LOVE IT! :D

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Canterlot Wedding:

I haven't watched this one in a while but it was entertaining and I just loved Chrysalis's character and I still do. The singing was great though the ending was a bit cliche.

To Where and Back Again:

Finally something without the mane 6. Because of this I really enjoyed it, if I found it a bit cringy or nonsensical at times.

Shadow Play:

I liked the whole history of this one but the main villain seemed to be a little underdeveloped. Starswirl was good to see though the mane 6 saving the day again...meh.

The others I have not watched except for Cutie Remark which was interesting. I liked the whole Time Travel sequence with Starlight and all, though her reformation and backstory could have been handled alot better.

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The Best Night Ever- I found it rather forgettable, to be honest. It felt like it was severely lacking something, but I can't really say what.

A Canterlot Wedding- I didn't like it too much. I found the whole concept of the episode a bit cringy, and I really didn't like the way it was paced. Not to mention I didn't like the way Twilight was portrayed for the majority of the episode.

Magical Mystery Cure- A heaping pile of garbage. The pacing was awful, the story made no sense, and they apparently tried to make it a musical (with poor songs). The development of this episode was clearly rushed, and I frankly think one of the worst episodes in the series (not as bad as Hard to Say Anything, or Fake It 'Til You Make It).

Twilight's Kingdom- The first of a string of finales that would amaze me. It surprised me after the other finales that they could blow me away with something with so little to criticize, and so much to take away from, that it became my favorite episode of the show (and that it remains).

The Cutie Remark- Probably my least favorite of the post-S3 finales, but I really loved the presentation of the concept of alternate universes, and the way they presented the butterfly effect. Starlight could have been a stronger villain here, but aside from that, it was pretty good.

To Where and Back Again- A great episode, and a refreshing and welcome break from the Mane Six. Trixie wasn't really well done here, but that's my only big complaint.

Shadow Play- I thought it was really good, but it had issues. Star Swirl was a total a**, and Twilight for the first half at least was for some reason being a bit stupid.

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