World Cup Draft Round - Order, Characters, & Deadlines

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Ok this is the second time I accidentally clicked to join a team, when I was browsing team captains and badges. Maybe there should be a confirmation message. It auto declined though.

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Read about Pinkie being dropped and had to digest it.

I mean, it's basicaly comparable to an event in which Team Manehattan would drop R-... Ru-... Rghhg-.... ...okay it's just beyond comprehension! I can't even get the words to get out of my mouth about our example.

With Pinkie's dimension bending, senses, multi-leg system and abilty to be anywhere at any given time I would have thought she'd have the cup in her pocket. It's not even magic, but het natural skills so she wouldn't be banned!

... ponies even use pockets that often for it to be a saying?

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12 hours ago, KH7672 said:

Oh now I see, you would have been spending all your time planning your team's party.


Wait, but then who would have helped to plan a party for my team?

Well I certainly would have helped, Twilight, I wouldn’t forget about you.

And party we shall! #thebestpony #teamponyville #championsofponyworldcup2018 :P

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It's a shame that the Pink One wasn't eliminated by losing in a legit World Cup match, but was banished from the Team Moon because of personal issues of a couple of people. I hope she will defy all rules and laws (as she usually does) and come back in one form or another.

Anyway, Pinkie, you'll always have Team Vanhoover support!

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Team Baltimare made an adorable decision. They have released Crackle and Sunburst is now on the same team as his mother, Stellar Flare. Season 8 is officially represented in this World Cup. 


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