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After skipping last year, My Little Pony may have a new SDCC Merch


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According to this article at Romper, we're finally getting a new My Little Pony Comic-Con exclusive.  




This time, it's Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle in an 80s shout out in terms of mane, and design(Especially to the fact that Rainbow Dash has a Mohawk).  


The catch: You gotta ether be at Comic-Con, or they will be made available on August 13th.

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So just you let you know, I was fortunate enough to acquire this Exclusive thanks to the Hasbro Pulse app.  I went to their SDCC portion of the app, completed a quiz of my selection, and won a chance to win a VIP pass for the HAsbro Booth.  They sold out completely the next day.  It's funny, really.  I believed the Optimal Optimus toy would sell out, and this one sold out really fast(And I think it's the first time its happened since I believe 2013 with the DJ Pon3 exclusive)

Now the figure will be made available on August 13th at the Hasbro Toy Shop website.  But you need to act fast.  Because of the low price, it will most likely sell out.


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