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Seeking asylum in Equestria? War and closed borders?

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With all the crap that’s going on on the U.S. with Trump and separating families at the border who are seeking asylum (and using the publicity of that to pass some really horrible laws behind the scenes while everyone is focusing on the distraction), it got me thinking about “School Daze” in a different light, and asking some really profound questions.


We got a glimpse of what other countries were like sprinkled throughout various episodes in earlier seasons- from Griffonstone to Yakyakistan, but none really displayed their political agenda until Prince Rutherford threatened war against the ponies in “Party Pooped”. With School Daze, we got further insight on the political tensions of the other nations, when they were all willing to go to war at the drop of a hat, and bun other countries to the ground when something so simple as missing students from their homelands got them triggered.


Now, if the political leaders of these nations are so war trigger happy, and could threaten (or enact) war at any mundane circumstance, then it begs the question if this has in fact been done, at some point(s) (and I wouldn’t put it past any of the non-equine nations, really), if Equestria has maintained a system of permanently closed borders to those who may be seeking asylum from warring politicians of their (or rival) countries. Because we haven’t really seen refugees or non-polititians of other nations from outside Equestria until the premiere of season 8. Perhaps Zecora might be one, but ponies were pretty crappy to her, initially, and she never seemed to be around in the presence of Luna or Celestia...we don’t even have episodes of them in each others’ presence, yet….maybe she crossed the border of Equestria illegally?


In IDW Comic Fiendship is Magic #2, which featured Tirek’s backstory, another centaur by the name of Sendak the Elder (who a young Tirek refers to as ‘Master’) basically smuggles a pony across Equestrian borders in order to steal its magic. When Tirek and Scorpan’s learn of this, they seem concerned whether Equestria’s leader, Celestia, will initiate war, and promptly do damage control with Equestria’s politics, starting with a delegation party to escort the smuggled unicorn back to Equestria.


I can only assume that after this incident that the comics portrayed is when borders closed altogether, detaining whatever refugees or any other creature who might’ve been trying to cross into Equestrian territory for any other reason, which explains why we haven’t seen anyone from other nations up until season 8.


What does that say about Equestria, if this is true? What do you guys think?

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dragons seem to come and go through equestria without anyone bothering them in the early seasons,and Gilda was in cloudsdale when she was just a child so griffons aswel.simply put,i don't think they thought so much about it at the time,they just had ponies mostly because it was a pony show

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