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My daughter's Pony vid

MeiMei Dash

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Nice to meet you and thanks a lot!

Edit: I had to re upload the vid and have uploaded more videos too!

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video link updated
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Well we are so very happy to have those of all ages on the forums and in the community! ^_^ btw awesome video and I sure gave it a like hehe :yay: feel free to make yourself right at home and you are very welcome to message any of us here at anytime for any questions we all tend to be a happy loving bunch, enjoy your stay and I hope you and your daughter make plenty of friends! :kindness:

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@MeiMei Dash I made some adjustments to your original post. We typically don't allow 'like shilling' so I fixed that. I moved this to the  Video Fan Art section. While the section is usually a home for first party videos, an exception can easily be made for parents of minors (due to the nature of IP ownership in this case and the limits of our own age rules would prevent this from being posted at all otherwise). 

Welcome to MLPF. :)


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