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Equestria and train empire chapter 1

SDP40F amtrak

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This is my first time doing a fanfic

I hope you guys like the story that I created and the setting was from @Emperor Blu Traincrown known as train empire and emperor Blu belongs to him

prologue: you may heard of Equestria ponies , rock ponies  bat ponies  cystal ponies and sea ponies however there is

A another  pony race called trainponies 

A trainponies is pony who is a half pony and half train with railway/railroad cutie mark , they all came different shape colors and sizes.

The train empire is very different than Equestria because the empire has it own government , it has own emperor named blu traincrown the emperor of the train empire , it population is very large than Equestria population  it also has it own elements know as the elements of the railway or  know as train six  

Today this story is talking about relationships between Equestria ponies and trainponies 

End of the prologue

Chapter 1 

The beginning of the relationship

It was beautiful morning in ponyville   the birds chrip the flowers bloom the morning  sun was going up every pony  in ponyville was still sleep 

everything was  so quiet but then  a very loud horn  that was so loud that wake up the entire town  as the noise rumble threw the town 

In the afternoon every pony was very angry and confused about the whole nosie that wake up every pony in the morning  

Background pony 1: what was that nosie 

Background pony 2 : where did it go 

Background 3 : who was it

As every pony was arguing each other for  20  minutes  as the mayor of ponyville  make a speech

Mayor : everypony calm down we don't who did it  everything is under control 


Then twilight came to the agrue meet

Twilight : why is every pony is upset

Mayor : twilight thanks goodness you're here  the pony of ponyville have complain about the nosie that happen this morning

Twilight: that happen to us  but we don't know who did it

Mayor : well I think some pony told me there a trail with shape of train wheel that lead somewhere else

Twilight: a train wheel ??? Who that impossble there way how train wheel can go off but don't you worry I can investigation who did this 

Mayor: thank you twilight 

Twilight investigation the trail

End of chapter 1


Hey guys this is the end of the chapter 1 sorry this take a long time to make this but I hope you guys like it I maybe not best fanfics but least I tried I don't about when I make chapter 2 


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