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Female VA needed for Unique OC

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Hi there!  Ben here and im asking here because I need a female VA for my OC because im making mutable projects like a animation, a game, and other things.for her and I need one.
This is her.1000LB.thumb.png.474811ed29f228c67484dc2b38dbeac3.png
Her name is Lilly Bell and she is the first ever Trainpony invented by me of course. xP  
Me and my friend are making meany projects with her and she needs a VA.
She has a voice of a young adult with a ascent mix of babs seed and AJ.
Think Boston ascent with some country.

Here are some lines that you can say.

*happy tone*
"Oh my Celestia! This coal is DELICIOUS!"
"It must be because I'm part loco now is why it tastes so good!"

*in sarcastic tone*
"Well you know I weigh about a ton now.  You should of removed those carpets."

*in sad tone*
"All *sniff* I wanted....was to be helpful.  But I see all you see me as now is a FREAK!"


There you go.
send links to your guy's recordings if you did one here or to my email 
Thanks and i hope to see at least a few people wanting to try this. ^^ 

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