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Request Art of Broken Record Wanted!


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Hi  there, I am looking for anyone and everyone who can do and will do some art of my Oc Broken Record for me. I am looking for some full body and headshot/waist up art of her. Mostly just to build up art of her, but also something I can use for avatars and signatures.

First edition:



2nd/Roboticised Edition (Sonic the Hedgehog Crossover):



Some things to note:
1. In anthro form, she normally wears either leather pants or jeans (to hide her robotic legs, showing just her boots), a off the shoulder black band tshirt and a leather jacket (to hide her robotic arm) and her Aviators (usually to hide her bloodshot eyes)
2. Feral form is a little different, where she normally just wears the blue hoodie and her aviators
3. I would prefer art of the 2nd edition and for something for avatars and sginatures, atleast have her roboitc arm in it.

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