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So I've tried at various times to have a romance RP with Fluttershy. Some of them went all the way, a lot didn't, but both had one thing in common. None of them rang "true." Inasmuch as it felt natural for Flutters to fall for my characters. Maybe it's me, my OCs tend to be very "adventure focused" swashbucklers or martial artists, great for Daring Do (who I had one of my better romance RPs with) not so much for Ms. Shy. At the same time, she's shipped all the time with Big Mac and Rainbow Dash. The former is decidedly old school manly, if not exactly an action hero, while the latter IS an action hero who relishes in death defying feats and flies first, asks questions later. When written well in fanfics, the relationship comes off as natural. With Fluttershy being attractive because of her gentility and purity and she to her partner for their strength and will.

So I don't see how at least two characters of my own that exist in between those emotional ends, being both willing to take action but not on a hair trigger with more of a reserved sense, would be incompatible with Fluttershy. On the other hoof, meaning no disrespect to anypony in particular, she hasn't been played well in my experience. Seems like most play a simplistic or season one premier version of her rather than the more developed version of her now.

Do any of you guys have good RP experiences with Fluttershy as a romantically involved character? How was she played well? Was she paired with a character that wasn't a treehugger (literally or metaphorically)?

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