The Walk of Shame

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    "Alright, move it!", barked the Sergeant. 

    It was early in the morning, around 5:30 AM to be exact. The air was dry and warm and everything was all quiet. That was until Twilight lifted her front hoof forward did the silence break with the rattling of her chains, a sound that was starting to become familiar to her, yet still sent a small shiver down her spine. As she put her front striding hoof down, and her left flank hoof forward, her cannon and fetlock started to ache due to chaffing from her shackles. It was unconformable, but was just part of her punishment.

    With the sergeant and another guard covering her flanks, Twilight waddled like a duck out of the courtyard and on to Canterlot's Streets. It was dark, save for a few streetlights, and was deserted. This gave twilight some relief, as she really did not want anypony to see her the way she was now. If it was daytime, she would have stood out and drawn unwanted attention with her bright orange jumpsuit, the ringing of her shackles, and the presence of her escorts. But thankfully, the city was asleep right now and with nopony to stare at her, Twilight became more content and continued walking at a snails pace down the streets to her destination. 

    As the trio continued their slow march to the train station they pasted a corner cafe that Twilight frequently went to during her years under Celestia's tutelage. The smell of pastries, sweets, and tea filled her nostrils and for a brief period she felt warm feeling wrapped around her, like a hug from nostalgia. But this was just a tease of the life that she was being forced to leave behind, yet at the same time it felt like a farewell from a place she used to go to after a long day of studying. 

    "Pick up the pace sweetheart!" The guard to her right shouted at the poor mare, startling her. 

    "I would if I didn't have these confounded restraints hindering my movement, sir!" Twilight grumbled with slight tone of defiance.

    Suddenly the group stopped and the red guard reared his ugly into twilight's face with an irritated expression. 

    "Now you listen good you dirty criminal. I haven't slept in almost 20 hours and I have to work an extra shift escorting your pretty little flank!" With anger, he grabbed twilight by the brow causing her to let out a shriek, and looked her in the eye. Twilight's heart froze, her eyes opened like a dear, filled to the brim with fear. 

    "I don't care if you're Celestia's star student, you will not talk back to me or any of my fellow officers like that. And if you continue to cause trouble, I will gladly put an iron muzzle on you. DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?!" He said viciously. 

    Twilight feeling intimidated responded stutteringly, "Y-Yesss, S-Sir!" 

     He let go of her brow and backed of from her. Still bearing his irritated expression, he pointed forward in the direction of their destination. Twilight, feeling shakened by the brutish nature of her authoritarian escort, started to tear up. She had never been violently handled by anypony at anypoint in her life. But then again she was about to start a new life, so it was probably best if she started to get used to being treated in such a way, as she expected to be, treated like that often during her incarceration. 

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Well deserved. She shouldn't have stolen those maracas into first place, even if it was to save the old woman from those penguins in heat.

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If I was there I'd sneak behind the guards and knock them out and help Twilight run

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