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Just How Magical Is Pinkie Pie? *Yakkity Sax Spoilers*


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So, it's headcanon time.  Not since Twilight's Kingdom do I recall any moments in the show that offer a significant insight into how Pony magic in Equestria works.  I'm talking of course about the fact that in Yakkity Sax, Pinkie lost her coat colour, and just walking past flowers and balloons caused them to die and pop.  I think it's reasonable to infer that what she experienced was a release in magic.  Note, I don't think the episode is all that great or well-written, but that particular scene intrigued me.

Tirek's draining of Pony magic revealed that all ponies have magic in them, and non-Unicorns simply have passive magic, which they can still sometimes tap into, just not in the same way.  The events of this recently leaked episode lead me to believe that things like Ponies' unnatural coat colours come from magic too, and it's possible for deep depression to cause magic to drain out of them.

Actually, Pinkie must have a lot of magic inside her if a release of it caused all that damage to her surroundings.  I suppose there is plenty of evidence that she's pretty magical for an Earth Pony, so maybe that isn't so surprising.  Also, magic either returned to her or was replaced when her mood lifted at the end of the episode.  Perhaps magic in Ponies is fluid.  I had an image of a pool of magic within each Pony that varies in size and just happens to be circulated more passively in Ponies who don't have a conduit to tap directly into it at will, but maybe it's not quite that simple.  

In any case, I'm intrigued.  What are your thoughts?

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The Pies in general seem quite magically gifted, at least if Pinkie and Maud are any indication. They both apparently possess supersensory abilities after all (Pinkie AND Maud senses), so there's definitely something up with them.

I'm curious if the rest of the Pies have senses like those two do, and why this specific family.

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Wait, this is news?


In.... slightly more seriousness, it's been indicated since.... oh, Feeling Pinkie Keen? That ponies, in states of excessive emotion {frustration in Twilight's case, sadness in Pinkie's} are able - or rather, unable to stop - to affect either their own state or their immediate surroundings. It would make sense, in that context, that stronger emotions would have a stronger effect.

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