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What will you do when the show ends?

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When the show ends, I'll be sad about it.  But all things must come to an end.  I've had a wonderful time with it, but it cannot go on forever; they cannot sustain it forever.  I'll look back at all of the great memories, but look towards the future as well.

The show may end, but MLP lives on.  We know G5 is coming, which I'm cautiously optimistic for.  Who knows what it will hold in store for us?

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Want me to be honest? I'll still probably be around in the fandom and the such. I may be here or I may be not. It depends on where I find myself in the years to come. :adorkable:

Also, it would feel incredibly surreal to not have new ponies anymore in G4.

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I'll probably be really sad....... I mean, I like to tell myself that I won't be sad, but when that final moment comes and the very last minute of the Season nine finale is done, I'll be crying, I will. I'm not sure how I feel about this "Generation Five" stuff, I don't really think I'll be able to form a proper opinion on it at all until it actually airs for the first time and I can see it for myself.

I'll stick around the fandom nonetheless though, and probably do a re-watch of all my favorite episodes from the series :adorkable:   

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Eight words:


In all seriousness, aside from art, I'll honestly probably look for a new show to watch. I've already gotten into Stranger Things, and who knows how much longer that show will go on.

But hey, if conventions still go on, maybe I'll attend more of those.

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