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Is the My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle doll the most "real" Equestrian ponies can get?


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Obviously, this is just a toy. You can tell from the seams in the fabric and all the plastic parts.... and the fact these ponies can't possibly exist.

But even though this is clearly covered in fake fur, it still has the look and feel of fur. And unlike plushies, the eyes are not a solid white. They even have this shine to them like a pair of real eyes with reflective corneas.

So what if all those other manufactured details in this Twilight doll were altered? Let's say there were no seams to better resemble the appearance of a four-legged animal. That the wings were just as furry as the rest of the body, the horn was made out of bone, and the irises looked and functioned as they would in a real pair of eyes. Let's say she had the ability to move without all the motorized, mechanical whirring in her head, neck and limbs. That she had a diaphragm that would constantly expand and contract with the flow of air. Let's say there were other essential features present from any biological animal, like warm body temperature, a heartbeat, an ear canal, nostrils, teeth, an asshole, and so on.

And on top of all that, try to imagine this Twilight talking to you in her natural sounding voice from the show, while also having the ability to make facial expressions at any point in conservation. Under those conditions, would you say that this doll was the most accurate depiction of how an Equestrian pony would look if they were real, and lived in our world?

And if so, would it change your opinion of them?

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