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need help thinking of other lyrics for my song in my unfinished fanfic


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can anyone help me think of other lyrics for my song in my mlp fanfic,the confrontion of Jubilee Dreams




little bit of info:       her friend, summer dahlia, went to cantalot, & left her behind                             


another bit of info:  even though, these two ponies are two seperate characters, living in two seperate universes,  in this story, they're in the same universe :twi:





it's to the tune of 'The Pony I Want to Be'


jubilee: ♪ she's my best friend in the whole world
We had lots of fun times together
And now she's gone, I don't know what to do

She's in cantalot and I'm here by myself
♪ i know those ponies, out there want to be my friends
but the two of us, the two of us had a real connection♪
♪ we had a whole lot in common, we liked a lot of the same things
but now i really don't know, i feel like i'm lost
without my best friend around♪
*but i'm kinda stuck on any other lyrics on jubilee's parts
& i don't know what i'm going to do for twilight & starlight's parts...
those parts are going to be to the tune to 'Light of Your Cutie Mark'

*from 1:04 to 1:49*


1:04 to 1:05 is a sung a little softer, though, i think







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