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Sins of the Past: Part 2

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Part 1 here.

After introducing her family to Wheels, Applejack tries to get him to work on the farm. However, he refuses, saying that "Work is too much work. That's why I've been in this wheelchair for years." Applejack then tries to get Wheels out of his wheelchair by giving him tasks that he must complete, but when she returns, it was the Soldier-Bots that did the work. Applejack loses hope and continues her farm work. Then, the soldier-bots that did Wheels' chores for him malfunction and try to destroy her. Concerned for Applejack's safety, wheels uses his Wheelchair's robot arms to fight back. Though one of the bots manages to knock him out of his wheelchair, he manages to use all his strength to get up and hit the last bot in the face. When asked why he was able to walk, he says "I've always been able to walk. I was just too lazy to do it. Until now."

Meanwhile, Princess Celestia awakes in an underground prison run by versions of the Soldier-Bots. She is immediately given magic and flying restraints and put into a cell with another pony named Gurgle. He informs Celestia that she is in "Pony Prison" and "You might as well get comfortable. You're gonna be here a while." Celestia's goes to her bed as her tears put her to sleep.

At Canterlot, Dr. Darkness gives a press conference. He is asked why he "Created a divide between himself and everypony else," and responds with, "The division I see is between ponies who like the way things are and the rest of us." He then goes on about the cracks in the Equestrian society, and the others are shocked. He returns to the castle and sits on he throne, awaiting for something no other pony knows about.

Deep within the Everfree forrest, Twilight goes to Zecora to find out what's going on. Zecora examines the element of magic, and that it was corrupted with "Dark Magic", a form of magic thought to be lost ages ago. Suddenly, A dark magic dome surrounds the forrest, disabling Twilight's return to Canterlot. Twilight suspects that Dr. Darkness did this and tries to teleport herself outside of the dome. But it fails.

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