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So... Today I've tried to draw again, my new character I've created on Ponytown. For some reason I kinda started to like her and I'm considering using her as my main OC, haha. So yeah, I'm a little bit rusted I guess, I've had a pause of around 3 months or more because of a complete artblock... But I hope she will give me some motivation to draw again. So hopefully I can post more in this thread, haha.

I also do have to think of a name for her, but I can't come up with anything. Well, we'll see. So for the time being, she's just Gryph.


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Aaaaaaaaaahhh, sorry that it took me so long to update QvQ

I'm currently having a visitor for the whole of August. In the meantime I did two pieces, but with one of them I'm not entirely sure.


Even though I focus on digital art, I do traditional as well, just occasionally. So I quickly had to make a badge for my friend, as soon as I realised that he had none and we were heading to a very small convention the very next day. So there's that.

The second piece is a try on an anthrofied version of Gryph, but I'm not too sure if I should stick with the markings and the colours or change it. I've also changed the tail to one of my favourite tails I actually own... So yeah. I'm currently thinking of changing the colours in general, since they apparently don't fit together too well. Maybe I'll go with dark grey instead of the light grey, then it would actually match up with the fur colours I currently have at home. But we'll see. Maybe I'll incorporate blue instead of red as well, which I do have at home as well. (and pastel red is not really easy to find when it comes to fur....)



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Ahhhh, I finally worked out a final version for my MLP Sona. She now got kind of a name, Mango Gryph (Because I love mangos), but I will continue calling her Gryph.

I didn't want to upload ANOTHER flat piece, so I tried to shade it. And I'm actually pretty happy with how it came out to be. So yeah, as you may have seen on my traditional piece, I LOVE a lot of colours! So my shading style represents that!


I still need to work out an anthro version as well as a ref sheet for both. But we will see where I actually wanna go with her.


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Ahhh, just finished another piece of her. I think I'm quite happy with it, maybe I can even use it as a badge (if I find a manufacturer that does prints on acrylic glass).

The other piece is my current Avatar, I just pixeled and animated it quickly. Well, not really animated, it's just blinking. But I think it's quite fitting.


At this point I'm actually thinking of opening a thread in Requestria, because I only got two pony characters, but both look pretty much the same. I need practiiiiiice



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Today I have bought this cute character! I haven't seen the wings when I bought her, I just thought she was a unicorn, haha.

But whatever. She had those cute stars in her mane and tail, I was thinking of the aurora when I saw her. So I made her a young northern princess who is travelling around the globe to show everybody the beauty of the aurora. So I named her Aurora Starlight.


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