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I have a serious question about Pinkie Pie & Discord


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Pinkie and her 4th wall breaking operates by Rule of Funny. Discord basically is a chaotic that doesn't make sense. 

Plus Discord started out as being entirely selfish while Pinkie always wants to make others smile.

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I don't think the two of them can really be compared (however, see the comics and The Mare of Mischief :) )

Discord is literally a (or possibly the) chaos elemental - he can't survive an excess of order (however, see again the comics for "Accord") and is frequently shown as acting selfishly, with only his (loudly denied) crush on Fluttershy keeping him even vaguely within bounds. As is common in FiM though, often there are breaks that seem to roll back his character development for plot convenience, but at least with Discord you can make the argument that he literally MUST sometimes act on impulse for his own survival.

Pinkie, by contrast, can use/abuse cartoon logic in a way most FiM characters can't; She is aware of (and can break) the fourth wall, but then, so can Twi on occasion; she can ungroup her own puppet (without any harm), can access hammerspace (mostly for things like her cannon; for other things, such as balls or eyepatches, she has strategically placed stashes, presumably prompted by her rather blatant clairvoyance), can abuse being off-camera to re-enter frame from odd angles or transition between scenes, and then there are things like actually drawing the dotted line on the ground for "travel on a map" views.  But that power is pretty much limited to her own self/body (which is normal enough; all Earth Pony powers are self-focussed) and with the constraint that it must be funny (hence, related to her cutie mark, again, reasonably enough for an Earth Pony)

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putting the words "Serious" and "Pinkie Pie" in the same sentence just sounds wrong
now to the question,
pinkie pie just does random stuff, and discord,while still doing random stuff,also does some pretty witty and well thought ploys(for the stupidest things sometimes,but still)
pinkie does everything with pure intentions, discord is very egoistic and self centered, even when he does good things
simply put, Pinkie,who seems like the lesser one at first glance, is too caring,and too disconnected from human behaviour(like a god),and Discord, who you'd think almost a god, displays human traits and is thus,more relatable,

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On 7/29/2018 at 11:54 PM, Sparklefan1234 said:

"If Pinkie Pie can already break the fourth wall & do unexplainable stuff, why does Discord exist?"

Because Discord is fun. Pinkie Pie is annoying. Fun ≠ Annoying

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