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Show Me your Wonderbolts


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I thought i'd ask and see if anyone can match my Wonderbolts shrine at all or show me things I don't own etc. Wonderbolts only please! I'll get some photos of my collection when I get home, but I really wnat to see if I've missed anything ;p

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I have more Shadowbolt stuff than I do Wonderbolt stuff, not that I like either of them in particular more than the other, they're both epic flight teams :fiery:

I'll post what I got below :fluttershy:




Those two things, the Spitfire figure and the Soarin sticker are the only Wonderbolt related items that I have, everything else now is Shadowbolt stuff :sunbutt:


Fallout: Equestria Shadowbolt poster from BronyCon 2016 


Shadowbolt pone sticker 


And a little Shadowbolt Dashie from the Nightmare Night 2016 collection 

 That's all I got, but I'm planning on getting a lot more stuff in the future, probably that Guardians of Harmony Wonderbolt stuff :squee: 

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