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Humor Vinyl and Octavia Get a Cat

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Intro: Just so you know, even though this fanfiction focuses a bit on interactions between Vinyl and Octavia, I'm not shipping them. I don't have anything against people who do ship them, I'm just not much of a shipper, so if you want romance, you might want to look someplace else. With that out of the way, here's the rest of the intro: I was inspired to write this because I love cats but I've seen lots of stereotypes about them and I want to write about someone realizing the stereotypes are not true.

Here's the story:

One morning, Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Melody were sitting on their front steps, bored. Because they were bored, they were just saying whatever came into their minds in hopes of starting a conversation, when Octavia said, "I'd like a cat."

"A cat?!" said Vinyl, "Cats think they're better than us. We don't want a pet that acts all superior!"

"Cats don't think they're better than us," said Octavia.

"What about Opalescence?" said Vinyl.

"Opalescence doesn't think she's better than us, she's just a bit grumpy," said Octavia, "Just like how that griffon Gilda is grumpy, but she's not arrogant. And besides, Opal is Rarity's cat so she's probably all fancy-pants because her owner is."

They forgot about cats, until one day, they were visiting Fluttershy.

"Do you want to adopt a pet?" asked Fluttershy.

"Well, I was thinking about getting a cat," said Octavia.

"Really?" said Fluttershy.

"That was just a thought Octy had when we didn't have anything better to do," said Vinyl.

"Well, if you mares do want a cat, there's always this one. He's a tomcat. Here, kitty kitty!"

Out walked a white cat with large eyes and a blue bow on his head.

"Hi there, kitty," said Octavia in a baby voice.

"Isn't he the one who tore up your curtains and hissed at Rainbow Dash during the cutie mark incident?" said Vinyl dubiously.

"Oh, that was just because he was hungry," said Fluttershy, "If you feed him cat food at eight o'clock a.m and six o'clock p.m., he's as sweet as an angel!"

"Why would I want a pet who only likes me because of food?!" said Vinyl.

"He doesn't like us only because of food," said Octavia, "He just gets grumpy when he's hungry."

By then, the cat had begun to rub up against Octavia and purr.

"See?" said Octavia, "I didn't feed him and he still loves me. Don't you, schmookie-woo?!"

"Don't tell me that's what you want to call him," said Vinyl.

Octavia chuckled. "No, I'm going to call him Jeffrey."

"So you're keeping him?" said Fluttershy.

"Yes!" said Octavia before Vinyl could say anything else.

When they got home, Jeffrey was asleep on Vinyl's sofa.
"He'll get cat fur all over it!" said Vinyl.

"But I can always dust it off," said Octavia.

Vinyl hadn't interacted with Jeffrey until bedtime, but then, he jumped up onto her bed and purred.
"You're not so bad after all," thought Vinyl.

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