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I Would Like Ponies/EG to Draw!


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I would like to gather OCs that I can draw! Ponies and equestria girl versions of the OC!

It will be done on a base

There are rules that go along with this!



1. Post as many OCs as you like! I'll most likely do more than one OC of yours! (I can handle it!)

2. Please don't just slap down the OC. I would like details of your OC. Like personality and more.

3. If I don't pick any of yours, please don't complain! Its nothing against you or the OC.

4. Please DO NOT rush me to get them done. I'm doing them for free after all, so they will be done on my own time. Also, dont' say you like my art just to get chosen

6. I would appreciate it if you send a reference sheet, but if you don't have one, its fine!

7. Say "Cola!" (in bold) if you read all the rules, or I wont draw your oc. You have to do it the first time or I will tell you that I wont draw it. Sorry


Sorry if the last two examples are rough. they're older.










Sorry if I posted this incorrectly. I'm new here 

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(Hello! Is it okay to have my OCs drawn? You don't have to do both if you're not able to. Instead, you can choose one of them.) (Cola!)


  • Friendly
  • Kind
  • Extreme Lightweight (Lack of weight)
  • Likes to make friends and hangs out with them
  • Easily scared or breakdown when alone
  • Loves to be brushed to his sensitive mane
  • Can be easily picked or scooped up by anypony due to extreme lightweight

Character Name:

Sky Gamer








  • Playful

Character Name:

Minty Gamer






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Cola! :laugh:

This is Lady Vera Fervor. She's a Batpony diplomat for the nation of Abendstern and comes from nobility. She's found herself in a position of great influence as her father owns the largest and most productive coal mines that supply the energy needs for the country's ever growing industry, and he's expected to become wealthier than their royal family within a decade or two, which she's set to inherit, so many high brass ponies are vying to be on her good side in order to benefit from this. Although born into such a high status, Vera isn't afraid to get her hooves dirty, and spends much of her time interacting with the working class and bringing about a sense of community. Her goal is to enhance Abendstern's status in the world, and she knows this starts at home among the commoners. Recently she's had to spend time oversees in Equestria, where she's in the process of building an embassy that also acts as a center for coordinating local projects and aid, along with educating ponies on the history and merits of her homeland. She has a tendency to be more blunt than expected which can make strangers feel a little uneasy at first, but soon it becomes clear that she wants only wants you to help her, help you.

She's a simple ivory white with a blond mane that changes greatly with lighting, roughly matching bat wings, and piercing blue eyes. Her cutie mark is an all black Imperial Eagle, standing for her role in representing her country.


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1 hour ago, Thanos said:

Here my oc for you to draw




Name : Fedvin twilight midnight

He is a trainpony 

A emperor of someset and Dorset joint railway

With strong military

His base off of this engine 

15137508597_1e057c0945_m.jpg and son of midnight Sparkle

I'm sorry, but you didn't read the whole post. I cannot draw him for you.

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I already have a couple drawings of Fangirl Mode, but I was actually wondering if I could get one of her hugging her best friend. That would be so neat. The problem is that I haven't quite figured out the bugs and stuff for the other OC of mine. >< I guess this is a good time to do it, huh?



NAME: Choo-Choo Train

PERSONALITY: He is very bubbly and outgoing. He loves to be himself, and he doesn't care what others think. He is also the type who will think of others more than himself as well. He loves to play jokes and make people laugh also. (WIP)

CUTIE MARK: attached



NAME: Fangirl Mode

PERSONALITY: She has moments when she can be quite shy and asocial, maybe a little timid. She does try really hard to interact with others, but she usually comes out as being socially-awkward at times. Other times, she is very talkative and finds it hard to stop. She is easily excitable, and it doesn't take much to make her happy. She can be a little sensitive and emotionally immature as well. She is often considered to be childlike at times, but she also tries to be mature if needed. She also loves to be herself more than being someone she's not.




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Cola! :D

Hello there! mind if you have my Oc's Drawn? :)


Name: Midnight Moonie Star

Personality: She's very kind and friendly

like's swimming

having fun

She also like's to Build Sand Castle's at a Beach

And love's to have Sleep over's



Name: Purple Heart

Personality: A very kind Pony who like's to play

she sometime's is shy and love's hug's and is very playful.

Like's Boop's

Reading Book's

And like's Ice Cream to eat

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Reminder to always credit the creators of the bases you'll be using folks. ^^

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Maybe art of Script Chime or her demonic side Elusive Shadows. The reference sheet it a tad outdated and I still need to make a new one but its about right.


You only need to focus on the one on the right. For

Elusive Shadows I changed her look.


I did also change their cutie marks so Elusive Shadows is this


And Script Chime is like this


Script Chime is generally an elegant unicorn that's pretty reserved when it comes to doing things she thinks will make her look stupid. Due to height and weight she is a bit clumsy. She finds passion in music and the use of it. She also is skill in dark and shadow magic and her talent to do so led to Elusive Shadows, her demon counter part, being summons and making her miserable with endless sarcasm, risque humor, and how talking to her often seems to go in circles.

Elusive Shadows is all the things listed before. She is sarcastic with a dirty sense of humor and likes to send creatures in rages by simply talking to them and making their life hard. She has the ability to make siren like music which makes her call people to her to do her "bidding."

These two could fuse together but depending on who prompted it, let's Elusive Shadows fused with her in the name of helping Script, their power will be more prominent and they will have general control.


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Helloe there I was wondering if you are still taking requests to draw OC`s?


Name is Darkwing

He is very shy and not that outgoing until he gets to know someone well, then will willing to do anything possible to be able to help his friends.

Also had a very snarky attitude toward situations and is one to make a joke about himself to make others feel better.

Even though he is a pegasus, he was ironically afraid of heights until he learned to fly when he was older due to being  raised by his Earth Pony grandparents after his mother passed ehwn he was very young.

Cutie mark - n/a


pony (2).png

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Cola! I like me some Coca Cola! ;)

Do you do changelings?
If so then I have a changeling for you to draw.
If not then I have a pony for you to draw instead :P
The changeling's name is Zaten, and the pony's name is Heavy Thunder.
I have them both on Google Docs if that's okay.
Links to the docs (for the information of course): 




Heavy Thunder




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 Do you do Hippogriffs? I

Here's Sky Streak, she's a tomboy, who loves flying, and dislikes girly stuff.

Personality: outgoing, sporty, 



If you don't then I have a pegasus too.

still working on her name, but here she is:

She's a deer/pony hybrid.

Personality: Sporty, but very shy and an introvert.




Thanks for the chance! :3

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For the first image, could I have Rose hugging Aqua basically in the same pose as the first example image you posted? But instead of Aqua liking the hug he is looking away and making that embarrassed type face with the squiggley mouth. Aqua's cutie mark is covered with steel plate armor.


Rose, a playful, shy, dorky earth pony who is determined to save her family. She will do anything for the ones she loves.CCFD6D71-CA87-4675-907E-80D97B000B22.thumb.jpeg.23499f2ec6b7a244b955e51b68cc90ae.jpeg

And Rose's cutie mark


And Aqua, a stallion who is grumpy, but sensitive once you warm up to him. He is a military deserter, used to be a captain. Now he is disgraced by many ponies, and he wishes for his redemption and tries to prove that he is still a capable pony.19F24D2F-7FFB-46D7-93F3-2F5C6BF24F44.thumb.jpeg.ab6e6ac4812b329171aa60310812589e.jpeg

For the second image Blue is booping Snow's snout. Snow is rolling her eyes and Blue is squeeing. And this image is just a bit of their body and all of their face.

Snow is wearing leather armor with a hole for her wings, and Blue is wearing chain leggings with a thin leather strip holding them on her legs. Kind of like the one image of Blue, but without shoes.

Neither of their cutie marks will be visible since they are sitting.


Blue, 51% extroverted, she has moments where she can be antisocial, and other times where she acts too quickly for her own good, making decisions she might not make if she'd think on it a bit longer. She wants nothing more than to make friends. 



And Snow, a pegasus who shows little emotion,because she keeps it to herself. She will show some emotion at times.



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Indeed. Seeing how the OP has been away for a while, I'll be locking the thread temporarily until the artist returns to prevent stockpiling posts~

@Lady_Skins if you ever need the thread unlocked, drop me or one of mods a message!


Remain vigilant peoples~

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