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Gaming Would you put yourself in a video game? Or is that too lame?


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The appearance of a certain DLC item has been causing a lot of friction in the fighting game community lately, so I thought I'd see what everyone here thinks on the subject. Are people bullying this kid for a costume that he designed, or is he really just an egotistical prick who deserves all the hate he's getting?

This is "MenaRD". He's a Street Fighter V player from the Dominican Republic. And this is what he wore when he won Capcom Cup 2017.


Everyone sees RD as an upstart. He's new, so when he beats one of Japan's best players in the grand finals, all the fanboys are gonna come out and make excuses for why he should have lost. No surprise there.

And here's the character that RD used to win the tournament. This is Birdie. All you really need to know about him is in his appearance. He's a British street punk, who's also a glutton, and he fights with chains.


Now here's where people are really starting to trash RD. Aside from winning a shit load of money, one of the grand prizes at each year's Capcom Cup is the opportunity to design a new costume for the character you used. So Birdie has just gotten the third "Champion's Choice" costume for Street Fighter V since it was released. Necalli and Guile were used to win the previous two years, and these were the costumes given to them by their respective players.


Surely, you'd think RD would feel pressured to come up with something just as good for Birdie after seeing these. Right?

Apparently not, because this is what Capcom revealed before Evo 2018 yesterday.


This is it. Just Birdie in his vest and chains.... and RD's clothes: the very same white shirt, trousers and black sneakers that RD wore when he got on stage and won the 2017 championship. There's even a necklace that says "RD" on it, and a fucking Capcom Cup trophy at the end of the chains.


As if that wasn't enough, there's an easter egg that comes with inputting a code before the start of each round. What does this change?


The mohawked hair gets swapped out for RD's actual hair.

Now, I've never met this kid. I don't know him to any extent to where I could say he's conceited or not, and I'm certainly not deluded enough to say that he had no right to make this costume. He did earn it. But still... what the hell? If RD wanted the satisfaction of playing as himself, he could have just gotten the PC version and made his own custom skin. But he had to make that an official DLC costume. Just why? When people spend money on a costume, they want it to be good. They want it to look badass, and fitting for the character wearing it. And this is neither. I don't know if this is just fucking lazy, or if it really is an extension of RD's inflated ego.

I mean, I don't think I'll ever be good enough to win one of these tournaments, but I know that if I did, and they let me make a costume for my man Urien....


.... I'm not gonna stick him in a pair of jeans, and a ragged-looking old vest. And I'm certainly not gonna change his hair to match mine either. He's a rage-driven tyrant. I'm nothing like him. So why would I bother making him look like ME when I could give him an outfit that makes sense? Would you do something like that?

Or hell, would you be open to letting some talented developers put you in ANY game? Because I just don't see the point to it.

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Would I put myself in a video game? Yeah. I mean, it depends. I wont make the character look like me, but act like me yeah. Most RPG games have a hero thats a blank slate. Like Mass Effect, you play as Shepard, but you can make Shepard(which is their last name BTW) look like you. Even in Fallout 4, you can design your character to look as close to you as possible.

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I wouldn't. I don't have the ego, and frankly, I don't care all that much. I may have a representation of myself in a game I've been working on (not a video game, but it does have relevance to this topic), but it mostly stretches to ideology. Somebody as frail and worthless as me doesn't have much of a place anywhere really.


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Not sure if this counts but I'm gonna be voicing a character in a video game soon (just waiting for the audition deadline on castingcall.club to be up and my director will be sending me and my castmates the scripts) so at least my voice will be put into the game. 


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