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Ponies and the Real World


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We all like rabbit holes right? I mean Alice went down one and looked how that turned out. Alright bad example, anyway this rabbit hole came to be while I was at me "job". I work as a junior counselor at a summer camp and we're generally outside but because this place happens to have multiple facilities we have some restrictions like no climbing on tree or running too far away and we usually have to escort kids to the bathroom even if they can walk themselves easily. It got me thinking if these kids were unicorns, pegasi, or earth ponies what restrictions would we have and how would we enforce it?

What would an earth pony counselor have against a unicorn or pegasus. And then I started thinking, in the context of our real world 

"How would the world be different if people were the races and tribes in Equestria?"

Pick a topic of our real world and discuss how it would be reflected if we were all these creatures.

I know this could get slightly controversial so I implore you to be kind and respectful to one another and to if possible keep personal political views in context and only if necessary.

A topic that must interests me is regulations and rules. In a world where not only do people develop specific marks to specify their talents but there are also a variety of races. How could we regulate and police things like the how high a pegasus flies or the types of spells a unicorn cast. Of course there are ways to dispel magic as in seen in Equestria games but then that brought up another question for me, would unicorns call it oppression if their magic was should we say..."dumbed" down. Could certain jobs be restricted for not having the right cutie mark to match the occupation or lack of one depending on the species

The thing I thought of was there would always be some conflict. Especially on that last one. Regulations and laws as well as enforcing such could be done given the right consideration and time it would need. For example flight patrols to make sure pegasi are not flying above a certain limit and reports of illegal types of magic could be managed. But for laws that could do things like ban who works at a certain place would probably always a hot button issue. There might be an all inclusive law but even then their are protesters would claim it would be detrimental to things like business. (For the record I've never supported that arguments and the issues I've been interested that use that argument are usually wrong). 

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