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Since NECA's in the business of making every Alien and Predator that ever was into figures, I say they ought to start looking into a new line based on AvP: Extinction on the PS2.



This game is highly underrated. There are only so many designs you can come up with for each species, yet the developers managed to come up with some pretty memorable and outright badass units across all three. I know I'd order quite a few of them if NECA made them into figures.

Such as the Spear Master:

The Disc Master:

And the Stalker. ESPECIALLY the Stalker:

The Carrier Alien would be really nice to have. This thing would help the hive by transporting facehuggers in its back!

The Ravager is the most powerful purebred xenomorph in all creation. If this game was a FPS, this thing would make you shit your pants faster than the cyberdemon.

I also happen to think Extinction had the best Predalien. If you're gonna have an Alien with dreadlocks, don't make them so obnoxious looking. AvP: Requiem got it wrong.

And boy, oh, boy. The K-Series. NECA could bank plenty on these Weyland-Yutani manufactured xenos alone. Just look at that fucking Queen! 

There's even a Predqueen. I can't believe I forgot about this bitch. She was a pain to fight.

And the Exosuit. Gotta have an Exosuit. Who needs a Power Loader?


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I'm not sure if it counts, but there's my bakugan. I used to have well over a hundred, but they got lost at some point. At least I still have my dual hydranoid and most of my dragonoids.


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I remember I used to collect a lot of Dragon Ball Z action figures when I was young. I also used to collect power rangers and Mega Man figurines, as well. At the moment, the action figures I have are:

- A Naruto Uzumaki action figure from the anime, Naruto Shippuden.

- A Konata Izumi action figure from the anime, Lucky Star.

- A Roxas action figure from the game, Kingdom Hearts 2.

- A Black Rock Shooter action figure from the anime, Black Rock Shooter.

- A Nico Yazawa from the anime, Love Live School Idol Project.

- A Rei Kuroki action figure from the anime, Vividred Operation.

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Hooooooohh, boy. Here is a massive, and I mean, MASSIVE update to my AvP collection since I lasted posted. I must have spent at least $300 on all this. Holy hell......

First, I'm gonna start with some props and accessories. You can't have too many of those if you're gonna build a scene surrounding your figures.

First up, some fodder: A set of Kenner's original Alien figures from the 90's. These things suck all kinds of tremendous ass; not just in execution, but in design. This series is a perfect example of how companies took advantage of kids not knowing about quality. I would feel so sorry for your parents if you begged them to buy these for you back in the day. The Scorpion Alien is really the only one that doesn't seem that obtuse, as I could easily see it blending in with a hive from an actual movie. But the rest are beyond terrible. I'm glad I never got into these when I was little.


Because all they're good for is getting ripped apart. Which I was more than happy to do with this set as soon as it came in the mail. What good is a hive without dead xenomorphs?



And if you're gonna have some dead ones lying around, more tools for your marines to do the killing are a must. Hence, this USCM accessory pack from NECA.



Dutch and Linn could really use some more guns aside from the ones they came with. Here we have an extra pulse rifle with an attachable muzzle flash, a flamethrower with an attachable flame, a knife, a pistol and a shotgun. And those sentry guns are a more than welcome addition to any shootout. The rest is just kinda there. I've no need for a backpack or a helmet, which is clearly meant to be the one Newt wore.

And now for the slime. Because when things bleed, you have to buy it for them.



I haven't forgotten about the Facehuggers. They're born in this shit.


I mixed a few batches together for both the xenomorphs and the predators. I've even bought some glow powder, but since the glowing isn't showing that well on my camera, I'll have to make do with these lit up shots.


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Next, we move onto the fun stuff: my new NECA figures.

Here's another battle damaged xenomorph. Nothing too spectular about this one. It's just a standard xenomorph warrior, repainted in brown with some acid wounds slapped onto the ribcage. But it gets the job done. You gotta have some of these guys in the process of getting fucked up by heavy artillery.



And because not all the xenomorphs from Capcom's AvP game were given figures, I felt a quota had to be filled. So I got three more, all of which are totally unique.

Here's the Albino xenomorph, based on a concept that sadly got cut from Aliens before filming began.

These would have been the hive's busiest drones. You never saw how they cocooned people after they were captured for gestation. Apparently, the albinos would have done it with their tongues. Really long tongues.



I love the movie as it turned out, but looking at this, I can't help but wonder about all the things that could have been.

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Here's the xenomorph from Alien: Defiance. If you're not aware, it's a Dark Horse comic that's written as a follow-up to the Alien: Isolation game, which makes this guy 100% canon. I haven't read it myself. He's supposedly from a hive without a queen, so what they would do to propagate is turn human hosts into eggs rather than dump Facehuggers on them.

However that works, I just got him for that badass looking cranium and curved legs. With his maximum height, I figured he'd make a good stand-in for the Royal Guard mid-boss. He definitely feels like a higher status Alien.



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Now for the Scorpion Alien; or rather, NECA's reinterpretation of the one that Kenner made. This is everything that kids WANTED those toys to be. This one's quite fierce indeed. Between him and the Chrysalis Alien, the Scorpion probably has the best paint job of them all, but beyond that, a highly elegant sculpt. I love those added spikes and head ridges, not to mention that stinger tail. It's too bad this was a tribute to a largely inferior figure. The people who worked at Kenner should be hanging their heads in shame after seeing this.




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Now for some cloaked Predators.

First up, the cloaked City Hunter from Predator 2. I really just bought this as a shoe-in for the Mad Predator that NECA didn't make. It's understandable why they wouldn't bother doing it; it's simply the Predator Hunter with an alternate head. Not worth the money. Might as well get him in "stealth mode".


Of course, when he arrived, I had to put that slime to the test. And it did not disappoint.



And finally, the Lootcrate-exclusive "Jungle Demon", aka the cloaked Jungle Hunter from Predator 1. Because why not?

I normally don't bother with variants, but this was just too compelling not to pick up. It's not often you see figures of these guys blending in with all the green in the jungles they hunt in. That split camo look is superb. And they even nailed the eyes too.


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Now I'll end this with all the pics I took last night. Regrettably, I couldn't shell out the cash for a custom diorama (not kidding; a single 12x12 floor piece matching the look of steel grating alone sells for more than $30). So I had to make do with the kitchen counter top. Again. Not that I'm complaining, because the blood I used might have been easier to pick up on that surface.


















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I ordered her offline, 'cause I didn't want to wait 5 months for her to finally hit stores here.

Introducing NECA's Ultimate Laurie Strode.


Don't mind the black areas. That's just where I erased the background.

She's an amazing figure and I honestly had more fun posing her than Michael. (To be fair, I think my Michael is wonky. He can't stand for shit.)
Though, I do have one complaint. The hair limits the movement in her head, severely. She can look left and right, but it doesn't seem she can look down or up.
Also, some restrictions in her articulation does make it difficult to recreate poses from the movie. I found this to be the case, when trying to recreate her "searching through the house" pose. Then again, maybe I need more practice at posing. Overall, she's a treat for fans of the Halloween franchise, fans of the 2018 movie, and an absolute must have for anyone that has the Ultimate 2018 Michael.






Fun Fact: The kitchen knife that Michael comes with fits perfectly in Laurie's knife-holding hand.




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Just a couple new additions, but pretty significant ones.

I wasn't planning on getting another Kenner tribute from NECA, but like the Scorpion Alien, this Predator Clan Leader is pretty exceptional.


The design's not too far removed from what you would expect in the movies, yet it's still interesting enough to make it stand out from the rest of the tribute series. What really sold me on this were the tentacles. They're by far the most advanced, most otherworldly pair of melee weapons ever conceived for a Predator. And that is something I want to see incorporated in a new sequel should they get around to it after that shitfest movie from last year. The paint job is simply amazing. The white dreadlocks together with the orange skin and dark teal armor is such a good color combination. 

I wish the mask was better, but oh well. At least he looks good enough with the mask off, and not a lot of Predators can pull that off.

Now for some shots of him killing like a boss.


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And lastly, a very special Alien Queen. The red one from the Aliens Genocide comics.


I haven't read Genocide myself. The basic premise is a war between xenomorph hives; the black ones that we all know from the movies, and this red sub-species that spawned from a genetic mutation of some sort. While I'm not sure of the outcome, the red ones are arguably more intimidating to look at. And this Queen is more than just a new paint job.

Some shots of her being a bitch. And dying.


Oh, and I also have NECA'a deluxe Aliens Queen. I just haven't taken her out of the package. Not sure if I want to use her for any projects or wait for her market value to go up like crazy and sell her. I could still get the Queen from Resurrection either way though.


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I got around to watching Silent Night, Deadly Night. Afterwards, I just had to buy the NECA figure of Billy.






He's a great looking figure, but he can't seem to turn his head, his hat keeps falling off, and the hammer doesn't stay right in his hand. It just slides up and down all willy nilly.
Also, I'm not gonna lie, his articulation and overall feel are reminiscent of the Ghostface retro. Which is kind of disappointing, but still a delight to have a Billy Chapman in my collection.


But that's not all.




Erick Rowan. All I can say is Erick's attire here is dope. Especially that amazing mask. Unfortunately, it seems his torso crunch is loose.



I've said this before, but my Michael that I ordered around Christmas time has trouble standing. So, I grabbed the last Michael FYE had, and the new one seems to stand a lot better than the old one. With the old one I always had to put Michael in this hunching position to get him to stand, and it just looked stupid.
Side note, I wonder if Michael would trust himself to catch himself.



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