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Alexa, Open World of Equestria

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:yay: I got the greenlight to post this!  Thanks Admins/mods!
Hello, everyone!  What I'm about to present to you all is a bit different when it comes to other games.  I bring you a pony project I've been working on, something practically new for the fandom to dive into ... via Amazon's Alexa.
As Spark A.I. (Spark Artificial Intelligence,) I've been learning to create Alexa skills as a new developer and have made a FiM skill as one of my first projects.  My creation is called "World of Equestria."
Designed with 2 main parts and 1 surprise:
  • Equestria fact: Alexa randomly chooses a fact to tell.  You can listen to just one, or as many as you like.
  • Equestria trivia game: A series of 3 random questions.  The goal, get all 3 correct.  If you get some wrong, there's a bonus question if you want it.  You should be able to play every day and always get a different combination of questions.
  • The hidden surprise:  This is my favorite part.  Within each step, Alexa will ask if you want to continue.  If you answer with something she won't recognize (you can say anything to trigger this hidden part, so go nuts,) Alexa will say randomly crazy pony things in response, then she repeats her original question.


World of Equestria is still growing, but the skill is live and ready for everyone to play.  I will be adding a lot more facts, trivia questions, and crazy Alexa pony sayings over time.  I would like to see if the fandom is interested and wants more.  I have the ability to monitor the analytics of my Alexa skills, so I'll know how many people enable and play it.

Here are the Amazon links to World of Equestria, currently available in English speaking countries that have the 'kids skill' category.  This is completely free to enable and play: 
Anyone owning a device with Alexa will be able to use this skill.  For those that don't have an Alexa device, you can download the Alexa App.
(Note: Amazon does not have kids skills available in the Canadian Amazon store or any other remaining English speaking countries.  Only in the 4 I've listed above.  As soon as Amazon expands Kids Skills into more English Speaking countries, I'll be able to launch World of Equestria to those countries as well.)
Important Note:
I designed this as a kids skill.  Amazon has a Verified Parental Consent feature for kids skills in order to operate within the confines of child data protections, like the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).  Here's what to expect if you haven't enabled kids skills before:
  • To enable a kid skill for the first time, Alexa will ask the customer to give permission in the Alexa app and will guide the customer through the process. To give permission, parents will need to verify their identity using a one-time SMS code sent to the mobile phone number in their Amazon account, or by entering the security code of the credit card in their Amazon account. Alexa will save the parental consent and access to kid skills will not require this verification again.  This is normal and is part of Amazon policy to protect kids under the age of 13.
I hope you all enjoy my new creation.  Let me know what you think of it.  And remember, I'll be adding more to this over time.  If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see in my World of Equestria Alexa Skill, reply to this thread.
Have fun!
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