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Long ago, dragons were hunted to near extinction by the Order of St. George, a legendary society of dragon slayers. Hiding in human form and growing their numbers in secret, the dragons of Talon have become strong and cunning, and they’re positioned to take over the world with humans none the wiser.

In current day, Talon and The Order are still fighting their everlasting war in the shadows, without normal people knowing anything about it. 


So, I was thinking about starting an RP based on the universe of the Talon-saga book series, and don't worry, you don't have to know anything about the books because I will explain everything that matters in said universe for this RP (and few details about this RP will be non-canon)


So, for the story, basically, I was thinking this: My character is a young dragon of TALON (18-19 years old) who has started their part of the training, where they must prove she can hide her true nature and blend in with humans. They become a part of a group of a friend group (was thinking that the RP would start few days in so that they were already part of the group) and your character either becomes or already is part of the said group, thus they meet. With time our characters start to fall for each other, which brings complications to my character,(and possibly yours, it depends.). In some point my character will be faced with a choice, to stay as part of Talon and live a life of rules, without the control of their own life, or to choose freedom, but become a traitor who is now hunted by both The Order and Talon. Also in some point the truth about my character will be revealed to your character, which leads to it's own problems (again, depending on your character).


Second idea for a story:
During a nigh your character's doorbell rings/someone knocks on their door, and when they open their door, they find my character tired, injured and scared outside the door, and it would start from there. This would take place sometime after my character has decided to betray Talon, and they would have just survived and escaped their first meeting with Viper (aka Talon assassin)



Now, some facts about the world.

Isn't afraid to kill those who they deem to be a problem to their cause, no matter if Human or Dragon.
Sees humans as inferior being due being above them on food chain and being generally stronger and smarter. Sees them as just a prey. 
Don't want that people know about their existence.
All around unmoral group who seeks a world domination.


The Order of St. George:
Highly skilled militaristic society with sole purpose of making dragons extinct.
Avoids civilian(human) casualties, and wants to keep itself and Talon so that no human knows about their existence.
Thinks Dragons as monster incapable of human emotions like love, empathy, etc.
Isn't afraid to kill humans if they work with Talon or otherwise work against the order.


Are the classic dragon, big, 4 legs + wings, breathes fire, loves everything that shines and likes to hoard them...
In human form can't be told apart from humans.
Their human forms are always what humans would call good looking (Males are muscular and handsome, females are beautiful...etc. you get the point.)
Don't usually fall in love, and by nature are loners, and when they meet another stronger dragon, their instinct makes them to want to fight or flee. (They recognize other dragons through their human form.)
Can sense each other.
Need to eat more than normal humans (even in human form) and need to have at least 70% meat in their diet.
Aren't "adults" until the age of 50
Immortal? (Can live thousands of years)
In their dragon form, can see in the dark
Fireproof (in dragon form)
Scales that are harder than steel.
Aggressive/temperamental  by nature.
In human form is just as vulnerable as humans (besides being immune to certain fatal drugs (I don't know exactly what))
Require bigger doses of drugs, alcohol etc. until the effect kicks in.
Heal lot faster than humans.



Now, about your part dear reader.
I'd like you to be a human, it's up to you if you want to be a male or female, and you can also choose if you want to be a human who don't know dragons exist and gets dragged into things, or if you want to be a The Order of St. George soldier who infiltrates my characters friend group after intel shows that one of them may be a dragon, or something else you see fitting in the world.

I guess this could also be done as anthro, but in that case it should be anthro world where dragons and magic are not believed to exist.

Okay, even ponies may work, but with huge difference to show ponies.


I'm planning this to be 1x1, but if someone has an idea how to include themselves (in a way that I and whoever the another 1 will be are okay with it) I can make it 1x1x1
I also can still start other RPs with the same concept, so feel free to tell me if you're interested. 

I think that's all, I have never put this much text to a OOC :P Thanks for considering whoever actually read a whole thing. 




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