Spoiler S08:E21 - A Rockhoof and a Hard Place


This thread will contain many spoilers about the episode at hand. Make sure to put your spoilers in a spoiler tag regardless so if someone accidentally clicks on it they don't get spoiled by what happens in the episode. Some people use the OP post to find an episode link so it wouldn't be fair to them.

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    • Rarity *crossly*: "[A teacher] who doesn't ruin an entire class's friendship quilts. Do you know how hard it is to stitch a pineapple pattern?!" (I HATE IT! >__<) 
    • Applejack: "Now this here's a right mash of apples." (I dislike it!) 
    • Spike *scratches head*: "Can you do that?" (…meh…)
    • Smolder: "He's definitely weird, but in a fun way. You never know what's gonna happen next with him." (I like it!)
    • Yona: "When Yona grow up, Yona want to be just like Professor Rockhoof!" (I LOVE IT! <3) 

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My thoughts on the episode:

I actually really enjoyed this episode being that it was very relatable for me. The episode is about finding that role/job that is out there for you, which is where I am at right now in my life. Being a recent graduate who majored in Cell and Molecular  Biology, it's been very difficult finding a job that I could excel in and at the same time, enjoy. Like Rockhoof, I can't seem to find my place at the moment, despite having all these "special talents" and skills. It's been a few months now and I'm not gonna lie; there were times where I simply gave up and wished that I could just "turn into stone" like Rockhoof, simply because I felt as if I would never find that job I was destined for. However, this episode reminded me that there is that one role/job that everyone is destined for,  a place where we can use our amazing talents and excel. We just need to keep our heads held high, persevere, and have faith! 

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Hmm.  Maybe my favorite episode of the season.  Really good.  Finally.  A really good one.  Yay.

I really liked the premise.  It would be ridiculous to think that there wouldn't be at least one pillar that found it difficult to fit into the modern world.  This was definitely a story that needed to happen, in my opinion.  I especially liked the scene where Rockhoof was momentarily angry at Twilight for bringing him back.  If these characters were real, then surely one of them would feel that way at one time or another, so that was very realistic.  I liked the inclusion of the other pillars and how they've adapted.  It was a good, mature story.  My only complaint was that I wished that they had found something more for Rockhoof to do.  Keeper of Tales really seemed like the flimsy sort of job you'd make up for a five-year-old so he can pretend he's helping.  I find it sad that apparently all Rockhoof is now good for is telling ponies about the useful things he used to do.  That might be okay if he was really old, but he's still in his prime.  Is he never going to do anything truly useful again?  Not that stories aren't useful, but I mean, y'know, in terms of seeing action.  I thought Rainbow hit the nail on the head when she said he needed to be a hero.  I wish they'd keep trying to find him something in that department.  But even so, I still loved the episode because the emotions were so realistic, and the story much more mature than most we've gotten this season.

What stood out the most for me was the stone sleep spell.  I interpreted the spell as an allegory for suicide.  I believe that this episode is the closest that Pony will ever get to dealing with suicide.  I took it to mean that Rockhoof wanted to kill himself, which of course means that Twilight was willing to help him do it, which is some pretty dark and intense sh*t, but it's also a true blue friend.  I believe that the greatest test of true love is if one would be willing to kill the one they love the most if their suffering becomes so great that they desperately need it to be over.  I realize how controversial and frankly morbid this opinion sounds, but I've given it a lot of thought, and I believe it's true.  It doesn't mean I would encourage suicide, but simply that I never judge one for it, because we can never know how much someone else may be suffering.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have never been a life-at-all-costs person, but rather a life-if-it's-worth-it person.  Quality over quantity.  Moreover, I believe that forcing someone who is suffering to live against their will is highly unethical.  Of course, our lives are our own, and no one can force anyone else to live, but if someone was suffering beyond imagining, and all other options had been exhausted, and they needed it to be over, and if a friend or loved one was willing to help them do that....well...I think that would be the greatest mark of true love, twisted though it sounds.  It would be an absolute last resort, of course, but it would mean sacrificing the ultimate to do what's right for someone you care about, even though it means losing them.  Of course, in real life, it's not that simple.  Even if someone was suffering so greatly, with no hope of improvement, such that death would be the best thing for them, you can't just kill someone or assist in suicide without massive consequences.  This kind of thing has bothered me for my whole life.  There are so many grey areas in life where doing what's just, what's right, or what's in someone's best interest is against the law.  That's the problem with absolutes.  A wise man once said, "There can be no justice so long as laws are absolute.  Even life itself is an exercise in exceptions."  That is one of my favorite quotes of all time.  That was by Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Anyway, back the episode.  In the context of the show, the stone spell was of course a temporary measure, as Twilight said.  If she really thought he was going to die, she would have fought a lot harder for a lot longer.  In fact, in her mind, she might have been protecting him.  Perhaps she thought that if left to his own devices, Rockhoof might try something more rash, like actually trying to kill himself.  Maybe she thought it best to keep him safe until she could figure out what best to do for him.  I like the suicide allegory, though, and that's what it meant to me.

On the lighter side, the meditating ponies were adorable.  My Celestia, the level of articulation these ponies have is insane!  The poses they can make....they must not have any bones. 

Twilight's shrug and "meh" sound in response to Spike asking if she had the authority to grant Rockhoof the title was hilarious.  Part of me wondered if it's a little tongue-in-cheek jab at the fact that the Princess title in Equestria seems a little bogus at times.  Like, even Celestia herself didn't seem to really have anything specific in mind when she promoted Twilight.  And then later it was like, "Hey, Celestia, can I be the Princess of Friendship?"  And Tia's like, "....yeah, yeah ....sure....what...whatever."  So in this episode, it was like, "Hey, Twilight, does your job really include that authority?"  And she's like, "Who cares?  It's all made-up anyway!"  That's what it made me think when she made that noise.

I absolutely loved the fact that Stygian is an author now.  Me and My Shadow.  Omg, that sounds amazing.  Someone in the fandom needs to get on the ball and write that book, now.  And it needs to be a f*ckin' EPIC.  Like a dark, rated R, 1200 page epic.  I want to read that.  I hope that Hasbro at least makes that a real book, like the Daring Do books.  I'd buy it.

Hmm.....what else....I guess that's it.  Can't think of anything else.  Great episode.  Rock solid episode.  :derp:  Quite pleased.

On 8/24/2018 at 7:12 PM, Truffles said:

The whole idea of him wanting to be turned into stone like Discord was shocking. I felt bad for Twilight having to even temporarily have to carry out that spell. (As an aside, this opens up the possibility of a time-travel aspect if some pony with no family or friends wanted to do a one-way trip to the future if they wanted to see what it's like or be around for certain characters when they actually grow up....)


OHHHH!!!!!  What a great idea!  It's like The Simpsons' freezer geezer!!




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