Dark Of Pirates and Predicaments (a story in 3 parts)

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Note from the author:

This story is based on a roleplay I was (and still am) involved in, which in turn is based on this cartoon series:


Only the first three need to be read to gain an idea of the universe this story exists in.

The story revolves around two characters from that roleplay, Cirrus Wisp (female pegasus, light brown in color, slightly darker mane and tail) and Flapper (griffon female, light gray with white accents, brown tail tuft), along with Longhaul, my main character.

This will be a 3-part story, with the first part going up soon.  The second and third parts will be up as soon as they are finished.  This story will contain some coarse language (nothing excessive, and most likely nothing you haven't already heard), and some descriptions of the aftermath of violent acts.  If any of this bothers you, stop reading now and go read another fanfic, this one isn't for you.

Posted with the encouragement of (and a swift kick in the posterior from) @Alexshy.

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My apologies.  This story just isn't working out and therefore it is being removed.


Sorry for wasting your time.

Edited by Longhaul
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