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Favorite fan songs?

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Loyalty, Join the Herd, and Beyond Her Garden

This one made me cry.  Something about Twilight giving up her wings to be with her friends gives me the feels.

It'll be OK by SherclopPones:  

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I think my favorite fandom tune without question has to to be Great To Be Different by Forest Rain. 

Had the honor to play this song on drums live with Forest Rain at a few conventions. The song's meaning and purpose has lifted me out of 

some tough times.


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The Living Tombstone is my jam. Although, I think I could add some remixes like the one SlyphStorm did for Octavia's Overture.

But tbh, I love every song fandom made so far, because everypony is so creative! :pinkie:

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My favorite MLP fan songs of all time are Sim Gretina songs:

So Shy


Magic (ft Dusk Shine)

Winter Dance Up

Find a Pet Remix

Art of the Dress

Becoming Popular

Equestria Girls 2011 Remix

Crystal Fair Remix

Flutterwonder Remix

So Many Wonders Remix

Celestia's Ballad

So those are my favorites.

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Discord- Living Tombstone Remix

Love Me Cheerilee- Woodentoaster+The Living Tombstone

September- The Living Tombstone

Awoken- H8 Seed

Rainbow Factory- WoodenToaster

Destabilize- PrinceWhatever

FRIENDSHIP- PrinceWhatever


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I like pretty much all of the AcoustiMandoBrony Elements of Harmony songs. They all go super hard. "Kindness" in particular reminds me a lot of my relationship with a certain lovable lemonhead. :mlp_wink:

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