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MLPF themed header/ Signature shop.


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*Banner = Header*

You can request a themed MLPF header for me to make and submit for rotation.

What i mean by this is if you want to see an MLPF site header with a certain theme you can request that here and i will try to create it.

Here are most of the past headers that have been on the site before, I will not replicate past headers I will only create original ones.


I also will take requests to make a Signature to use on this site. The signature will not be exclusive to you and it will be open for all.

Here is a Blog post of mine showing off my portfolio(I hope I used that word right) as well as a few details on requests as well.


I would suggest you visit the Blog post.

You can request things here, or you can PM me and I will do my best to make it.

If you are also looking to get into Graphic Design yourself you can PM me and I can tell you what i use for creating my Images.

I can also attempt to make non-MLP related things such as thumbnails but no promises.

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