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Nightmare Muffin

Smol Moth is complete!

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Eeeeeeeee!!! Ok, I'm completely happy, because today, my smol moth oc that I've been customizing, little by little each complete! He's so small and fluffy! And holy macaroni, he has a LOT of hair! Fluttershy, eat your heart out. XD so, um....still haven't settled on a name for him, yet....or a pesonality/ backstory. The most I got is that he and his mothy race are cousins to the g1 Flutterponies...Anyway! Let's celebrate the birth of smol moth!

and his character profile.....


Name: Puremist


Sex: male


Race: MothFairy Pony (cousins of the g1 Flutterponies)


About: Born into a poor social class, he was satisfied with basic necessities and thought that he had loving parents. However, when a decree came from the King for a sacrifice to appease “Lord” Tirek, who they believed to be a god for bringing calamity on their village for generations, the villagers coerced his parents into sacrificing him, due to them barely having the means to get by without the added burden of a child. The King offered a handsome sum to the parents- more than enough to survive on, if they went through with the task, and they did; convincing thew boy that there was no greater honor than to be sacrificed to appease the demands of the deities, though they were only interested in saving their own lives in the end.


On the night of the pink moon, before he was due to be sacrificed, Puremist made a wish on a moonbow to annihilate his entire race as retribution for their malice and selfishness. Tirek managed to overhear him and come to his aid, promising complete destruction upon formation of a pact that would would guarantee him power. In exchange for acquisition of the Moonbow/ rainbow of darkness, Tirek swore that he would have his wish fulfilled. Agitated and confused as to how he’d even manage to get the rainbow of darkness, he heatedly contested the terms of agreement. It was then that Tirek let him in on a secret that his race had not been made aware, that Queen Majesty the Unicorn of Dream Valley had most powerful spells at her disposal which were activated through song and that pony magic was what was needed in order to acquire the rainbow. Although Puremist believed Tirek was pulling his leg and just plain crazy, he sang anyway, providing a beautiful song that was laced with hatred and malice in every lyric. The moonbow reacted to the song’s magic and was guided into Tirek’s bag. With the deed done, Tirek fulfilled his end of the bargain and destroyed everyone- from King to commoner- in the village, while leaving him as the last of his race.


Puremist then made his way to seek out Dream Valley that Tirek had told him about, in hopes of starting a new life there- unaware that he would also cause darkness to fall on the valley, now that he had equipped Lord Tirek with the means to rain down terror and panic on the peaceful ponies’ lives soon enough.





Smol moth with ceremonial headdress




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Adorable! :pinkie: The design of this character is really creative and since I generally like moths I find it especially sweet. The coloration is really serene as well, great job!

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