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Even Alicorns have nightmares


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Ok this popped into my head on the way home and I just spent an hour writting it out so don't expect greatness. I'm also debating if its worth posting it on FimFiction but I think it may be too short/poorly written. For now I have no real plans to continue this but there are a few vauge ideas of where I could go with a sequel. Anyone please share feedback/criticism/comments.

Even Alicorn's Have Nightmares,

Sometimes waking up isn't enough.

Celestia yawned before flopping into her bed a soft giggle escaping her tired muzzle as she thought about how aghast her subjects would be to see their perfect sovereign acting like this. A giggle that faded off into a soft sigh as she reflected for the 519,383,382th time that it’d be nice if more of them could see both the mare and the ruler rather than just one or the other. Still she had Cadence and hopefully that new filly she’d taken on today could be another. Her smile returned as she considered the chaos that foal had caused in just a few short moments and to think the dragons egg hatching had actually been permanent. She really should do something about that child too, tomorrow though they were taken care of for now and she was tired from undoing all that magic on top of her normal duties. Snuggling up to her pillow and pulling the covers over her she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.



Celestia dove to the side as an explosion shattered the castle walls behind where she had stood a moment letting in the light of a full moon growling in frustration. ‘Again this nightmare, old friend and bitter foe the only way I can see her even for a moment and yet my greatest mistake.’A nightmare that had been growing more frequent as the years drew closer to the time of her sisters prophesied return. Ah well unlike her sister she had no power to affect the dream only to endure them…


Landing she gazed at the monster her sister had become her beautiful blue coat replaced with a black as dark as night, fangs glimmering in the pale moonlight as slitted eyes glared back no trace of the loving sister she knew. “Luna I will not fight you, you must lower the moon it is your duty.” ‘why, why had she appealed to duty rather than love?’


“Luna? I am Nightmare Moon!”


‘oh that cold voice so confused at being called by her name only to throw it back in her muzzle.’


“I have but one royal duty now, to destroy YOU!” ‘and the attack, she could have fought, could have tried to tire her out but no, fool that she was instead....” Flying through the shattered ceiling her body raced for the elements of harmony.


‘what was I thinking back then, was I thinking or merely reacting? I don’t even know any more.’


“And where do you think your going?” Dodging and weaving Celestia flew around the castle her sisters attacks shattering stone until “Ahhhhhh.” the pain of being struck and falling to earth that laughter ringing in her ears.


‘Was that when I decided to use them, her joy at my pain? Was it really to save our subjects or just to lash back at her?’


Dragging herself to her hooves Celestia gazed up the sky “Oh dear sister I am sorry but you have given me no choice.” ‘no, no there is a choice, we, I can find a better way don’t do it, DON’T!’ “But to use these.” Her cursed magic activating the mechanism and gathering the elements of harmony sending them into a defensive spin as she rose to confront her sister. Tears poured from eyes as they had so long ago the elements of harmony channelling her magic overwhelming the attack of her sister, worst of all though they weren’t her tears. She felt them but they were just a dream no matter how much she wished she could truly weep at Luna’s despairing cry. Her beautiful face appearing on the moon as the spell took effect ‘why did I do it when I knew it was wrong even then?’


A sigh, one moment as the dream shifted and then the next cause of her guilt ‘my school, strange such benefit from such a selfish cause.’ she wandered amongst her students paying little attention to the words coming from her mouth as she advised them. ‘even now they believe it to be something I did for Equestria to teach and guide the brightest and most powerful of my little ponies.’ A sad smile as she paused next to an orange pony with a red and yellow mane ‘did I fail you because I didn’t see you as student but a daughter?’ her body moving on to the next pony raising a hoof to prevent her adding too much nightshade to her potion ‘could I have prevented what happened if you’d know the real reason I started this school was to pretend for a time I have that which I can’t?’


and then again the shifting to the last phase of her nightmare ‘the dead world no tree’s, no ponies, no light. For so long I thought it was you that brought us to this dear sister you and your world with no sun.’ her gaze rose to look on a black sky. ‘its not though, instead this is my own fear after so long alone. I love my little ponies but they are so quickly gone, one moment a foal stumbling over their own hooves the next an old mare breathing their last and I go on without them, without you until I have no...’


Her eyes widened as the dream shifted again ‘what is this there is no more, the dreams end under a black sky. WHERE ARE THEY PUTTING THEIR HOOVES?!” She struggled to turn to look at the pony that was running their hooves along her mane but again she could not though she could tell it was a Stallion his breath sending shivers down her spine ‘what madness is this?’


“You know Celestia we really should have chosen a better location for our first date than the castle itself it makes it so hard for me to take you to a place special to us when its the place you work.”


‘first date, what first date I have no stallion, sir unhand my ohhhhh…’ she slumped into a puddle of melted mare as his hooves moved from her mane to the base of her wings pressing and massaging them with a skill she’d only encountered on her briefly stolen visits to a spa every few decades ‘ok I’ll make an exception for now.’


“Really darling I wish you’d let the others take some of the stress off your shoulders you don’t have to handle everything yourself any more.”


‘others, what others Cadence is still...oh ok BETTER than the spa!’ her thought’s dissolved for a moment before coming back to a surge of pain ‘ow what,’


“Now your highness push.”


‘push? Push what? OWWW’ her ears flattened against her head as she realised where the pain was coming from ‘why on Equestria would I be dreaming of giving birth? For that matter is that even what this feels, OW’ Celestia thought’s trailed off as she pushed against the weight inside of her, something that seemed impossible to move until in a sudden spike of pain…



She jerked upright her eyes flashing around the room her panicked breathing slowing somewhat ‘ok that was different, must have been a result of that dragon birth yesterday.’ Celestia took a moment to check on how long till she had to raise the sun ‘ok still an hour away goo...’ she froze as something under the covers rubbed against her wing “I swear if the royal rat remover has let another one in here.” she grumbled pulling her wing back and tossing the sheets off preparing to levitate the offending rodent back out into the gardens where it belonged only for her eyes to widen and ears flatten against her head she stared at the impossible creature currently shifting in protest at the removal of her wing “No, this, isn’t possible.” she murmured.


A few minutes later she shook herself slightly ‘ok lets review item 1 I am Celestia alicorn princess of Equestria.’ Lighting up her horn she took a moment to examine herself ‘ok yes white fur, golden glow, wings, magic, connection to a raging ball of death known as the sun check.’ Swallowing she moved on ‘item 2 I am currently in the royal bed chambers that are guarded by 2 soldiers at all times.’ her gaze roamed around the room resolutely avoiding the creature that was beside her ‘mirror, bed, door, royal bath chambers or rather the door to them check’ Alright time to deal with the elephant in the room ‘item 3 there is currently an Alicorn foal trying to snuggle up to me.’ Reluctantly she lowered her gaze to the foal in question ‘wings, horn, not more than a year old, pink fur… wait, PINK fur!’


Growling she got out of the bed and stormed out of her chambers pausing only to tell a startled guard “You are not to allow any pony to leave that room but don’t hurt them.” Stormping down the hallway to a nearby doorway she marched in flicking the light switch while snapping at the pony currently coming awake in response to the sudden intrusion “Cadence dear while I understand you like that Shining Armour Stallion introducing me to your daughter by having her crawl into bed with me is not how I want to be told I’ve not been spending enough time with you!”

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