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Starlight and Chrysalis


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Starlight and Chrysalis are very similar if you think about it. Both once ruled over ponies/bugs and had complete control over them, but had that taken away from them, and both are surprisingly not necessarily evil. Starlight believed that having the same cutie mark is truly better and brings happiness, and Chrysalis is just trying to feed her hive and do what she things Changelings should do, and that feeding off love was the only way to survive.

They were both bent on revenge after their defeat even after being explained to how things should change. Twilight wanted Starlight to know pure equality doesn't bring true happiness, and Starlight tried to convince Chrysalis that Changelings can survive by sharing love too. Both rejected help and change and ran away to seek revenge.

I have a prediction for the season 8 finale:


Chrysalis obtains some powerful magic similar to the Alicorn Amulet, and seeks out the Main 6 as well as Starlight. The Main 6 tries to stop her, but are defeated. Starlight stands up to Chrysalis, trying hard to find a way to defeat her with her special magic abilities. Just as Chrysalis is about to claim victory, the Student 6 shows up and helps her. Even though they don't have the elements, they were able to find her weakness and disable Chrysalis with the help of Starlight. Starlight then walks up to Chrysalis, explaining how similar her own situation had been, and that she could be the ruler of the Changelings once again if she just accepts the change. She reforms and co rules with Thorax the same way Luna and Celestia rules Equestria together. Except Thorax and Chrysalis can make babies but that won't be in the show.


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