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Slice of Life CD Writings: The King of Love Bugs

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The King of Love Bugs - Slice of Life, Comedy

70,000+ words - On-Going

This story is my magnum opus for this fandom, and has a lot of history to it. Spoiler for exposition.



After falling out of the MLPF community in early 15', I too fell out of MLP fandom for quite some time. It wasn't until 'The Times They are a Changeling' and 'To Where and Back Again' aired in 16' that I found a newly ignited interest in the show, and by extension the fandom. Quite simply, Thorax became my favorite character asides from Discord, and the newly-evolved Fairy Changelings, and the lore around them grew to become my favorite aspect of the show.

Directly following the S6 Finale, I began this story, and it became the first major on-going story regarding King Thorax and the reformed changelings on FIMFiction. Today it's longer than either of the first two Harry Potter books, and is only a little over half-way finished. While it lacks any major adventure aspects or ongoing plot, I've enjoyed writing it. It's also a bit of a personal accomplishment, as this is the longest piece of literature I have ever written, in any genre.


Summary: Following the dethroning of Queen Chrysalis, the princesses of Equestria seek to build a relationship with newly-crowned King Thorax, and forge a never before seen alliance between ponies and changelings. While the changelings continue to discover new things about their bold metamorphosis, Thorax works to embrace his role as the changeling's new patriarch - demonstrating to the swarm a benevolent means of ruling far different from his predecessor.

With the help of Equestria's princesses, his brooding older brother, and even a few unexpected friends, Thorax must now introduce the idea of peaceful changelings in Equestria, one escapade at a time.

Facts & Why You Should Read:

  • Potent levels of fluff and cuteness - forum goers with weak hearts have been warned.
  • Follows along the events of the show as closely as possible, giving an 'off screen occurrences' theme to the story and its events.
  • Intriguing lore regarding the changelings, their powers, relationships and way of life.


'Flower of the Wastelands' by Huusii. An unintentional but surprisingly similar representation of the first chapter.

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