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Starlight Glimmer, Spike's egg, and why Flurry Heart is an alicorn


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As I’m sure the fans know, there are many things still left unexplained within this series- such as where Starswirl the Bearded’s altered spell went when it got sucked back within the vortex, in “The Cutie Re-Mark”, or how Flurry Heart was able to be born an alicorn, which is something Celestia and Luna themselves seem perplexed by. I’m going to try and tackle both of these lingering questions. Rather than beat around the bush, I’ll get straight to the point. I think that Starlight Glimmer is the root cause. But let’s go back to the beginning- in “The Cutie Remark”, Twilight questioned how Starlight could do more than the greatest wizard in Equestria- which had been shown as going back in past beyond that of Starswirl’s original time-travel spell limits, which was a week. Starlight had managed to go back in time by several years. Not only that, but she had also been able to drag others with her to that exact time period, as well.


From what we can tell, in Starswirl’s efforts, according to the Journal of the Two Sisters- once he had succeeded in writing a time travel spell, he found that it had taken him to the future, and allowed him access to knowledge such as the existence of the ToH and the cutie marks that were inscribed on its trunk. Keep that in mind- I’ll get to it later.


What I also find interesting is the fact that the first altered timeline that the map sends Twilight and Spike to, when Starlight manages to stop the sonic rainboom from occurring, is an alternate future where King Sombra is at war with Equestria and the Crystal Empire has expanded and claimed most of Equestrian’s land during his ongoing siege. From what I can gather from the dialogue between AJ and Twilight during this altered timeline, Applejack only knows of Rarity, meaning that she had never known or heard of Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, or Fluttershy. This also means that in this timeline, the events of episodes 1 and 2, as we know them, never happened- Twilight never came to Ponyville, found her friends, discovered the elements of Harmony, or set things straight with Nightmare Moon or Discord. Perhaps rather than sending Twilight to handle matters and make friends, Celestia had dealt with those two threats somehow, without the elements since she had been unable to use them due to being disconnected, once she had banished her sister.


Or perhaps, in this timeline where Sombra rules, is due, in part, to the missing presence of Spike? Recall that in “The Crystal Empire” two-parter, Sombra had taken every precaution to stop ponies from getting through his traps and tests. He, however, hadn’t accounted for Spike to be in tow with Twilight when she aimed to retrieve the Crystal Heart. So this altered timeline of Sombra ruling could’ve been due to the exclusion of a certain little dragon, due to events of the past being altered by Starlight Glimmer and trickling down to the future.


Furthermore, in the beginning of the episode, while Twilight is presenting slides at Celestia’s school, one of them happens to be of her with Spike’s egg. What’s interesting to note is its color- white and green. Every other time that we’ve seen it during flashbacks to Twilight’s entrance exam, it’s been purple and purple. However, in the very first episode of FiM, Spike is telling Fluttershy the story of his life, and he states that he “started off as a cute purple and green egg.” I find these inconsistencies intriguing. It could mean that memories were effected and that timelines really were altered. And while, though small and seemingly insignificant, could spell big trouble for the future, as it already has in the present timeline. The butterfly effect, I think, takes effect here, and was implied even in the “Cutie Re-Mar”, by Starlight’s occupying Fluttershy’s throne, of all ponies- which has her cutiemark of butterflies, as she enacts her time spell shenanigans. In the second altered timeline, Zecora explains it as such: “time is a river where even the tiniest changes seen, can lead to a cascade of effects downstream.”


Spike’s past may have already been altered, to have changed his and others’ memories of his egg color- and many more of the mains may have been effected by Starlight as well after all, Starlight did say, as she was monologuing “but figuring out that I could use the map to go to any time or place, and pull you along with me? I even impressed myself with that! I knew you’d try to stop me. You’re soooo predictable! Why else would I leave the scroll behind? Touching it triggered the map to whisk you here, and watch me erase the one thing that linked you with your friends.”


But bear in mind…...it was SPIKE who first touched the scroll that Starlight had left behind….could THAT be the reason as to why his past had been altered, in the form of inconsistent egg coloration, in the very same episode, both in past and present?


…..but….what does this have to do with Flurry Heart, you all might be wondering? Well, getting back to Starswirl’s original spell and how he wound up going into the future with it, to see events that had occurred, keeping details of them secret once he had returned to his present timeline…..could it be possible that Starlight- through use of Starswirl’s time travel spell, had at first had the same thing happen to her? Could she have slipped into the future upon first use of the spell, and saw things that she could use to her advantage, keeping secret and under wraps, until the precise moment, before she then learned to alter his spell to go into the past to effectively seek to destroy Twilight and her friends’ lives?


Like Spike’s egg alterations, and other ponies’ memories of it with the past and future, thanks to Starlight’s meddling, I think it’d be safe to assume that the effects that Zecora spoke of in the Cutie ReMark episode have, indeed, altered the future as well. Perhaps Flurry is a result of that. I find it a little too coincidental that she looks so similar to Starlight Glimmer. And why is that? It could be perhaps meddling with the past had a profound effect on not only Twilight’s friendships, but others’, as Twilight makes clear in the third act of the Cutie Re-Mark. The future could be drastically changed if anyone’s friendship dies. Cadance and Shining Armor’s friendship led to them getting married and having an overpowered alicorn spawn…..what if that OP alicorn baby was a physical manifestation of Starlight Glimmer?


If SG was meddling with Starswirl’s spell and figuring out how it worked in order to alter it, then she’d have to be taken to the future first, as Starswirl had been. And perhaps it was the Crystal Empire that she had been been accidentally sent to, because her future friend, Sunburst was living there. Perhaps Starlight had been spying on Twilight at the time that Cadance and Shining had announced their pregnancy, in “The One Where Pinkie Knows”, in that same season, which hadn’t taken place too far from the occurrence of “Cutie Re-Mark”, to have planted the seeds for SG to sabotage the birth, somehow.


In revenge mode, it certainly wouldn’t be too far-fetched to plan ahead and create contingency plans for in case her first failed, somehow- which it did, thanks to Twilight succeeding in getting SG to allow the rainboom in the past to happen. Starlight was adept at stealing cutie marks- which were the destinies of ponies, so whose to say that she couldn’t alter that spell to rob the destiny of an unborn filly in order to replace it with her own? If her original plan to stop the rainboom failed, as the plans with her village had, then she could fall back on splitting herself and being birthed as a baby alicorn to try again, in due time. It was Starlight who initially said in “The Cutie Map”, that “When the rest of Equestria sees that a Princess gave up her cutie mark (destiny) to join us, they’ll finally understand what we’re trying to accomplish.” This would’ve ensured that she had the power to do as required, from birth- as a Princess, and being born by Cadance and Shining would ensure that nothing would rouse suspicion, and that she would have easy access to Twilight- as her niece, and no one would be the wiser, when the time came to throw Twilight’s life into turmoil, as revenge.

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12 hours ago, Nightmare Muffin said:

From what we can tell, in Starswirl’s efforts, according to the Journal of the Two Sisters- once he had succeeded in writing a time travel spell, he found that it had taken him to the future, and allowed him access to knowledge such as the existence of the ToH and the cutie marks that were inscribed on its trunk. Keep that in mind- I’ll get to it later.

The canon of that journal is already debatable and that specific section contradicts the scene in "Shadow Play" where the pillars learn about the tree of harmony.

I like the idea of the butterfly effect revolving somewhat around spike but I think the inconsistencies on his egg color are simply that. Inconsistencies. Afterall the show is littered with small ones like that. The effect can occur in a multitude of ways. It could simply be that Starlight took up a few extra seconds of a ponies time which prevented them from interacting with another pony and that travels down a line of other ponies until we see a drastically different outcome. It's so complex yet so simple that there's no way of actually working around how things truly played out.

We know that Starlight wasn't traveling to the future or the alternate presents because she never witnessed the destruction she caused until Twilight took her to one where everything was gone, and that's what made her feel guilty about her actions. She thought life would go on as it always had since she didn't recognize the true importance of Twilight and her friends. She had disconnected herself so much from Equestrian society that she hadn't been made aware of Twilight becoming a princess.

12 hours ago, Nightmare Muffin said:

what if that OP alicorn baby was a physical manifestation of Starlight Glimmer?

That makes absolutely no sense. Flurry Heart is basically Cadence's colors but remove the yellow in the mane, add some blue from shining armor, alter the shades and blend some of the colors together and that's what you get. She looks the way she does because she's a pretty pink princess.

12 hours ago, Nightmare Muffin said:

planted the seeds for SG to sabotage the birth, somehow.

She's done bad things but she's not a monster.

If she had been trying to have herself reborn as an alicorn princess, then she should have tried to fix her mistake, unless she actually hasn't reformed and is still trying to get revenge against twilight to this very day.

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