Introducing The NEW and IMPROVED Art Contest

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Earlier this morning








:umad:     Oh .... my turn





Why what an unfortunate calamity. What's that? You were on your way to MLPF to announce an art contest? Well I know that place better than anyone so I will happily help you out. 





Good Evening mares and gentlecolts, or indeed any other creature that might be present. Due to a most unfortunate "accident" Mr. Da Brinci was unable to attend and after a series of other Unavailable artists, (Saddledor Dali had a weird disease where he melted like one of his paintings of all things) they have finaly invited me  to be your host would you believe they invited kettle corn before me?KETTLE CORN! ahem..  After carefully reading the boring rules of the contest. i decided to completely ignore them and announce something more fun. you're welcome.

so here is what we're gonna do instead, our theme will be decided pulled directly from your subconscious minds, yes i know it can get out of hand but what is life without a little chaos, 



Hehe ... sorry about that, what he's trying to say is we'll have a poll and everyone will be able to vote on three traits, the artists will then have to -- 


Discord:   :umad: 

I do not appreciate being interrupted, miss princess sparkle. anyway... the artists will then have to combine all 3 voted traits in one character by the end of the month, you have plenty of time, when that time comes we'll have someone brought over to chose the winner (or good old Discord if some unfortunate calamity will befall them) the winner's piece will be featured in that week's banner, and they will receive a special badge

and now let's get to the fun part, you can start voting on the traits here it will stay for 24 hours so that people from all around Equestria and beyond will have a chance to vote. 



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Discord running an art contest?

And I thought that I've seen everything.

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I'm curious what users will bring, this will be interesting. :mlp_pout:




This is not Discord.

This is Discord:



l4dhyPA.png gvX7LEQ.png

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Hey Discord! Big fan!

Super stoked for your art contest!! I'm gonna blow your nonexistant socks off! :-D

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