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Dodge Junction Vs Everfree Forest

Dodge Junction Vs Everfree Forest  

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  1. 1. Who Wins

    • Dodge Junction - Cheerilee, Apple Bloom, Grand Pear
    • Everfree Forest - Zecora, Gummy, Octavia

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Although Grand Pear is on the older side, we've seen Granny Smith on more than one occasion show us that she's a capable pony, so I see no reason Grand Pear couldn't do the same. Cheerilee's skills in managing a classroom of children and holding events for them should make this match just like any other day for her. Finally we have Apple Bloom who has a lot of teamwork experience, and her time with Cheerilee and Grand Pear's love for her will do them well.

Zecora may be wise, Octavia may have class, and Gummy has a disturbing inner monologue, but all of them are used to a relaxed approach towards life. Zecora of course can handle an emergency, but I feel like this is beyond her field and as much as we love the others, I'm not sure what they have to offer. Perhaps Gummy is a great catcher but that's about all I can think of.

Dodge Junction gets my vote.

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