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Request Shop Next Gens Drawing Game

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Okay boys and girls, I didn't know where else to put this sort of thread but I figured this would be the best place. 

Here's how this is gonna go. I'm bored and I wanna practice, so I'm gonna draw next gens for the Mane 6, here's the ground rules.

No pairing the Mane 6 which each other, nothing underage and no pairing them with any of the other princesses or Discord (everythng else is on the table, Yaks, Kirin, background characters, etc).

Your suggested pairing may or may not be selected, I may or may not take suggestions on how the character looks or acts. If your pairing is selected, I will put the pic up here on this first post on the front page and quote/give credit to the person that suggested the pairing.

I'll do this forever long it holds my interest basically, when I get bored, I'll put up a sign here on the front saying it's done with.

Alright peeps, in the words of Pat Benatar (god I hope you guys aren't so young you don't get that and make me feel old)

Fire away!

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Title was a bit misleading. It's not game development, it's a simple forum game. The idea is to offer a ship and if selected, their offspring will be featured in an art piece.

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