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An expansion to the "Perfect Pear"


Thoughts On "A Quest for Love: An Apple-Pear Family Story"  

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A Quest for Love: An Apple-Pear Family Story

Hey everypony! Just finished my first ever story on Fimfiction (link above). If you're like me and love "The Perfect Pear", then you'll enjoy this story!

The story seeks to expand more on the "Perfect Pear" episode (a prequel to an extent). Tried my best to include many "feels" moments, as well as keep it fun, exciting, and suspenseful. Hope you all enjoy it! I'll also appreciate some feedback as well!

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Omg! I'm glad you finally decided to join MLP Forums! I absolutely loved this story! The story had me tear up quite a few times, not gonna lie. The last two chapters (especially Chapter 4) really made me emotional. I just loved how you were able to integrate your story with the episode. It seemed like the perfect extension to it! Really glad you managed to finish the whole thing! 

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Oh wow thank you so much! I'm really happy that you enjoyed it! And yeah, the last two chapters were definitely my favorite to write. 

I'm planning on writing more stories in the future, so be sure to keep an eye out! 

Again, thanks for following the story! 

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