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What are you bad at?


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I'm really bad at responding to and interacting with people authentically. I have a really bad habit of isolating myself. 

Pretty bad at cooking, but starting to get better (only took 4.5 years of college lol)

Writing script. My handwriting SUCKS

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The appropriate question for me is, what am I NOT bad at?

Some examples of things I am terrible at:

Pretty much any form of art


Any sport



Most video games



Being reliable

And more and more. The list goes on and on. I don't have a whole lot of usefulness.

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Im terrible at math and at science since those two go together like peanut butter and bananas. Im bad at staying focused as well. I dont have a.d.d. or anything....its just that shiny things are more amusing to me.

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It'd be much easier to ask what I'm good at, because that list is much, much narrower!

Here's some, though:

Singing, cooking, math, drawing, any instrument, creative writing, socialization, any sport, most video games, dating, sense of humor, certain methods of learning (I have to learn by experience and directly asking questions in the process for most things), public speaking, saving money, cleaning, etc.,etc.

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