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Why don't Flim and Flam go after the big wigs?


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Did everyone just forget about Stinking Rich? Or even Spoiled Milk? I'm sure they're both loaded. Why do you guys think we haven't had an episode with the FlimFlam Bros. going after people who can actually line their pockets, rather than the peasants of Ponyville? They've set their sights on Las Pegasus, after all where ponies with money to burn go, and Stinking Rich- though not a local resident, seems fitting to target.


and on the flip side, if not able to con the rich, could they cooperate with them for greater investment? I think a Filthy/ Flim/ Flam teamup might be interesting to watch.

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Rich people usually look very close on their investments so they can earn the most risking the fewest, I can see Filthy Rich asking detailed documentation about any business opportunity.

I doubt that Flim and Flam would want to attempt conning somepony as experienced in the business world.

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