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In this thread, you may tag a member who you are very good friends with, or who you want to credit.

Here are mine :


@shyabetes3939 One of my best friends on this forum. Is great to chat about EG Rarity and EG Fluttershy with.

@Sparklefan1234 Makes awesome statuses and makes me smile.

@Tacodidra : Is fun to chat to and post on statuses

@Starlightfan1 Is a great Starlight fan.

@TBD An awesome guy and is very understanding.

That's all for now, I'll add more later.

@Sondash Studios A cool guy


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Cheers for

@Raririsu for keepin' it cool for this forum :mlp_smug:

@Sparklefan1234 for booping me to death :lostit:

@Cypherhoof for banning me in vain, for I always come back to ban you.:fabulous:

@Lord Valtasar for organizing these events along with  @Jeric and everyone else who has helped setting it up. :mlp_yeehaa:

And many more.

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A HUGE thank you to: 

@Divine plywood The first Pony I spoke to when I joined the forums! Made me feel so welcome! :)

@Zayfen For helping me with my OC design! 

@Sondash Studios Such a friendly guy! A good friend to have 

@Goofyg22 Hoping you stay safe in your home!

@Sherbert Music-Guard Who else messages me pretty  much every day on discord?! 

@DEFENDER We may not have know each other that long but I know you're an Awesome guy to have around! :)

And Many more. but the limit is 5 (though I'm breaking the rules by including 6 people!)  :/ 

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On 9/15/2018 at 4:17 AM, Raririsu said:

 Makes awesome statuses and makes me smile.


Thank You, My Friend! It always makes me feel wonderful when I'm able make someone smile! :-D


1 hour ago, TBD said:

@Sparklefan1234 for booping me to death :lostit:


Oops my bad! :muffins:

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@Cyclone 1066, @Lil'Cinnamon, @Twisted Cyclone, @SparklingSwirls, @TheRockARooster, @Chrysalis89, @Regal Shadow, @strongwilled_pegasus, @Lightwing, @Nature Tune, @Meson Bolt, @ThunderCrush, @CinnamonPop@Rainbow heart 55, @Prospekt, @Sherbert Music-Guard, as I near my two year anniversary here on MLP forums, I just wanna say thanks for being the awesome friends you all are. Y'all made my time here on the forums fun and absolutely amazing. I'm very thankful to have stumbled across you all, love you guys! :fluttershy: 

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